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As a result, the web page can not be displayed. If you are a visitor of this website: Please try again in a few minutes. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. For all of your sliding or swing door needs For 30 years Scrigno has been a leader in the production and commercialisation of counter frames for sliding and pocket doors and windows. The pocket doors uk box is made throughout in sheet metal. The two models presented cover all the standard-measurement door frame range.

Scrigno Security Doors the concept of security assumes new characteristics, encapsulated in an extremely comprehensive offer that is very current, combining latest-generation technology and sophisticated design. 7 0 224 0 96 57. There is no account registered to this email! The email field cannot be empty. The password field cannot be empty.

A reset your password link will be sent to your email address in a few moments! Call to speak to one of our trained advisors! Free Returns No quibble, just send it back. Easy to install pocket door kit with a rigid frame, our pocket door systems are supplied pre-assembled so that they can be fitted in half the time of other brands. Available for both single and double door situations in a selection of sizes, almost all of JB Kind’s internal doors are suitable for use as sliding pocket doors. You can also choose from a selection of pocket sliding door accessories too! Sliding Pocket Door Systems Understanding pocket door systems can be quite complicated, so we have put together the following information to help you on your quest to find the perfect pocket doors. Key Features of Pocket Doors The biggest and best reason to buy JB Kind’s Pocket Door System is the fact that it is a pre-assembled pocket frame, making everyone’s life easier, right up to the person installing the sliding doors.

The Pocket Door Frame is fitted in half the time of other brands with the added advantage that the doors are fitted after installation. But these are not the only reasons why our Pocket Door System is a best seller. Installing a Pocket Door Frame JB Kind’s Pocket Door System is pre-assembled taking away the stress and time with complicated pocket door kits. With our cassette structure, pocket doors can be installed in just 5 easy steps. Click here for a guide on installing a pocket door frame. Ordering your Pocket Door System A step by step guide to ordering your pocket door system with JB Kind Doors. Pocket Door Information Guide Download JB Kind’s quick fit pocket door system guide in PDF format.

Double Pocket Door Systems Interested in single or double pocket doors? Head over to the single and double pocket door size guides for clear opening size, structural opening and finished wall thickness metrics. Pocket Door System Accessories Timber accessory kits are required to complete pocket door installation and include cover moulds, header covers and a jamb. Find more pocket door locks and handles here. Buy JB Kind Doors JB Kind Doors are available to buy in Door Retailers, Builders Merchants and via Online Partners. Whilst the current Coronavirus outbreak continues to develop, here at Portman we have put in place measures to mitigate risk to our colleagues and ensure that at our service and responsiveness remains unchanged.

Many of our office staff already work remotely and we’re extending this practice across all dept’s. For production staff we’ve introduced appropriate measures to reduce contact and reviewed work station coverage. All our finished products are manufactured here in the UK and we’ve already actioned increases in material and component availability to ensure that we can continue to deliver our products. Please be assured that we are taking every sensible measure to minimise the impact the current situation has on you as well as our colleagues. A patented design uses the latest development in materials engineering in a combination that maximises wall and cassette stability, provides for easy flexible installation and unrivalled aesthetic detailing. Quality robust components, an exceptionally easy installation and years of maintenance free service. Pocket Doors In the UK there is an increasingly stark requirement for high quality housing, however, as population densities increase and average property sizes decrease, the need to develop innovative ways of utilising the finite space available is facilitating the development of new products and solutions.

The Portman pocket door system is ideal where design flexibility and space saving are of prime importance. Sliding door that disappears into the wall, leaving an open and clean space. Ideal for rooms where there is no space for a hinged, swing door to open. Maximise space that can be used. If your property can’t accommodate a wall cavity or pocket, you can construct a false pocket, by installing an easy stud wall. To allow all the benefits of a pocket door.

Range and Selection: Our pocket door range offers something for all properties. Double and single openings, classic architrave or modern minimalism, and most room dimensions. Technical specification designed to fit standard UK door sizes. Customer Service: As product specialists we are able to field any enquiry you may have on pocket doors, systems and accessories. Quick and Reliable Delivery: Safe, free and swift delivery to nationwide UK. Guarantee: At The Pocket Door Company we guarantee our products for 15 Years. Ideal to maximise small spaces, without taking up floor or wall space. Change space, dimensions and light of your rooms.

Go from open plan to separate rooms, for greater functionality and flexibility. For a wider doorway where you need both doors to slide into a single pocket, on one side. Add extra interest and dimension to your interior with a curved pocket door. Available in both single and double options. Architrave-free pocket door systems, for a clean, minimal look. The most discrete door in our range, the pocket feature combined with the lack of architrave means that when the door is open it completely disappears. High-quality, fully-compatible pocket door accessories for use with all our doors and systems.

Accessories to complete pocket door installations, including closing kits, door pulls and handles. All finished to an exceptionally high and stylish standard. We have thousands of BIM objects from a variety of manufacturers so take a look now. NBS BIM Object Standard Providing consistency to BIM objects and a Standard that will transform BIM for the entire construction industry. NBS BIM Object Certification Assuring the consistency, quality and compatibility of BIM objects. What is NBS National BIM Library? ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems are increasingly being used by architects and designers to create more usable space and, in the case of glass pocket door systems increase natural light throughout a property, without compromising reliability and strength.

Sliding door system for FD30 rated doors. A surface mounted sliding door system. Single fold and slide door for confined spaces. Single or double sliding pocket door system without the need for architraves. Single telescopic sliding pocket door system. Double telescopic sliding pocket door system. Pocket door system with two opposite-handed doors sliding into one pocket. Tell us who you would like to see BIM objects from or what objects you would like to see.

Manufacturers using NBS National BIM Library adhere to our code of conduct. The creation of BIM objects for the inclusion on the National BIM Library includes Omniclass classification codes and titles. Space-saving solution that allows a sliding door to effortlessly slide into a cavity wall, ensuring it is completely hidden from view when not in use. Kit comes complete with timber cavity frame, pre-assembled aluminium track and header mechanism and also a satin flush pull set. For bi-parting doors, 2 kits can be purchased. Door is only 43cm wide with the width of the wall with the door only being 89cm. I also most definitely did not have 120mm depth.

Probably should have opted for the straight track system but Screwfix don’t stock them but do stock this and in these times next day is 3 days and I only had one days holiday. Very simple and easy to install, seems to be good quality. Brilliantly easy to set up and works just as well! You state that 4×2 must be used for this kit but say finished wall size is 120mm. Is it standard 4×2 measuring 89x32mm? The 120mm finished wall thickness is including a layer of 12. Is the door flush when open? Yes, the door can be installed so it is flush with the architrave when open.

The uprights are longer than the opening asked for in the instructions? Asks for opening of 2071mm but uprights are 2073mm! The measurement of 2071mm is a rough opening height. If you would like additional installation advice, feel free to contact our technical department on 0191 377 7345. Hi, I would like to retro-fit a pocket door. Will there be any problems cutting one of the standard door sizes down, to work with the track system and still fit my door opening?

The kit can be cut down in both width and height to suit non standard door sizes. This is detailed on step 9 of the fitting instructions. The dual soft close is only available through the P C Henderson website unfortunately. BV SEO Content for this product did not include verbose reviews. We have thousands of BIM objects from a variety of manufacturers so take a look now. NBS BIM Object Standard Providing consistency to BIM objects and a Standard that will transform BIM for the entire construction industry. NBS BIM Object Certification Assuring the consistency, quality and compatibility of BIM objects.

What is NBS National BIM Library? The object content is configured for use in UK, but it may also be suitable for use in other locations. The market leading range of sliding pocket door systems, simple, functional, strong and reliable. This is the essential sliding pocket door system that brought sliding doors into the 21st century and is widely used throughout the industry for both new build and refurbishments. Built to accommodate standard UK sized door panels, standard stud work, standard plasterboard and standard wall thicknesses. Endless possibilities to transform surroundings by creating new, usable space. Object upgraded to NBS BIM Object Standard v2. Changes to reflect updates to the NBS BIM Object Standard v1.

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To embed this BIM object onto your website, simply copy and paste the HTML code below. Contact a technical consultant at Eclisse UK to find out more about Sliding Pocket Door System — Single. How would you like to be contacted? Manufacturers using NBS National BIM Library adhere to our code of conduct. The creation of BIM objects for the inclusion on the National BIM Library includes Omniclass classification codes and titles. To use the door, you’ll need to keep around 10 sq. In a small bathroom, laundry room or closet, that can be a considerable loss of space that could be used for something else.




A pocket door gives you that space back. You’ll have room to arrange cabinets, seating, and other furniture exactly how you want them. By installing one between the living room and the family room or the kitchen and the dining room, you can open up the space for parties or keep the door closed for more intimate gatherings. If your home has two guest bedrooms, installing a pocket door between them lets you offer your guests a choice of separate rooms or a two-bedroom suite. Want to set up a home office off the living room? A pocket door lets you separate the space when you want privacy or open it up without cutting into the living room. Pocket doors disappear completely when open, creating an elegant, streamlined look that works especially well with Japanese- and Scandinavian-inspired interiors.



Go from open plan to separate rooms, installing double or telescopic setups is very effective for flexibility and unobtrusively dividing and opening up large living spaces. The Eclisse self, just send it back. Instead of swinging open into a room like a standard door, but don’t eliminate it. Assembled pocket frame, strong and reliable. Quality and long, bathrooms and kitchens.

Their disappearing act makes pocket doors good places to experiment with daring colors and design elements. They fell out of popularity not for stylistic reasons, but because older models used raised tracks on the threshold, posing a tripping hazard. To avoid this problem, today’s pocket doors use ceiling tracks or recessed floor tracks. In a Victorian-era or mid-century home, modern pocket doors lend an authentic feel without the danger. They can let odors and steam escape from the bathroom and fail to keep household noises out of your home office. Noise A conventional door can be swung open or closed silently. A pocket door, no matter how carefully you roll it, will make some noise as it moves along the tracks. Aluminum tracks with nylon rollers minimize the noise, but don’t eliminate it. If you’re a light sleeper, think twice before installing a pocket door anywhere near your bedroom.

They can start to stick, screech or fall off their tracks entirely and become next to impossible to use until repaired. This is even more likely if you have young kids who might be rough on the door. Regular cleaning and, depending on the door type, lubricating with silicone spray, reduces the risk of problems. Limited Accessibility Someone with limited grip strength or dexterity in their hands, such as a person with arthritis, is likely to have more trouble with a pocket door. Adding a bar pull or mortise pull can make the door easier to use. For wheelchair users, on the other hand, a pocket door that slides smoothly is easier to open, close, and maneuver around than a conventional door. If the pocket door starts to stick, however, it becomes a real hassle. A 36-inch pocket door needs a wall that’s at least 74 inches wide. If the wall contains wires, pipes, heating ducts or other utility lines, these should be relocated. Installing a pocket door is a challenge even for experienced carpenters.

If the frame becomes damaged or something falls into the track, repairs will take some effort. That could mean tearing out part of the wall to access the track. Space-saving, streamlined, and versatile, pocket doors help you make more efficient use of your rooms and open up new decor options. They’re well suited to both historical architecture and modern minimalist aesthetics. And How to Get Rid of It. How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold? Are You Supposed to Caulk Around a Toilet or Not? Can You Use Latex Paint over an Oil Based Primer?

New Carpet Smell: Is it Safe? Get a FREE ESTIMATE online for your next home improvement project. Pocket Door Kit Specialists IMPORTANT — We’re running business as usual — We have healthy levels of UK stock and we’re committed to our staff well-being and providing an uninterrupted service to you. Deliveries — Whilst we are doing all we can to meet our normal delivery lead times, due to the current unprecedented circumstances, there maybe unavoidable exceptions. Pocket doors are a neat and affordable design solution for the home or office and you are in the best place to find the most versatile range of pocket door products in the UK. So what is a pocket door? A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears into a steel pocket within your wall cavity when it is fully opened and therefore saves an average of 10 feet square of space in a room, compared to a traditional hinged door. UK buying confidence is at an all-time high.

We have sold thousands of pocket door kits over the last decade of trading, with customers throughout the UK and Europe contacting us to find the right design solution for them. Click here to view a small selection of projects where our pocket doors systems have been installed. The range of pocket door kits we provide will suit any room, whether it is a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office. We offer mirrored glass, patterned glass and timber finishes with options of double or single doors and different accessories to provide that vital, eye-catching finishing touch. 15 year warranty on every kit. So to browse our selection and choose your Pocket Door kit from our secure online shop click here. Unico SD, Unico DD, Unico SD Fire, Syntesis SD. Single Glass Door, Double Glass Door and the Surface Mounted Glass Sliding Door.

5 great reasons to invest in a glass pocket door! We use industry leading security to make sure your information is as safe as possible. 2017 MB Locking Logistics Group Ltd, all rights reserved. Fitting a soft close to a pocket door will ensure the door closes smoothly and quietly when you slide it closed. The Eclisse self-closing mechanism is an ingenious device, completely enclosed inside the system, which allows the door to close by itself, automatically. Open or close one door, the other opens or closes at the same time. Fitting a soft close to a pocket door has the advantage of bringing the door to a close gently and quietly when you slide it closed. Compatible with re-positioning of the brackets on top of the door. NOTE : this may affect the ability of the door being able to sit flush back into the pocket when open. Imagine opening up and closing off different areas of your layout in an instant, with doors that are there when you need them, and slide into a pocket in the wall when you don’t. And because the doors slide into a pocket in the wall, the doors themselves do not take up valuable space in the room when they are open. The Eclisse double sliding pocket door system can also be installed against an existing masonry wall by simply creating a false stud wall alongside the existing masonry one. All you need to do is to construct the frame in exactly the same way, still applying plasterboard to both sides of the frame for strength.

By doing this you will only be adding 100mm thickness to the existing wall. Not sure which size you need? Call our friendly Customer Services Team on 02081 311 445 for a quote. Order online before 11am on a weekday for a next working day delivery for UK mainland. FREE delivery to UK mainland for this frame and jamb and any accessories or door furniture that is included in the same order. For delivery to islands, Highlands, N Ireland and ROI please contact us. 1,441 orders successfully delivered this year. A quick-click frame that assembles into a complete unit comprising of two full pockets and a track. Track can be extracted without having to break into the wall. Can be adjusted to determine how far the door protrudes from the pocket. Slots into a channel in underside of door.