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Is the HET200 Numatic’s Best Cylinder Vacuum? We don’t think it’s exaggeration to say the Numatic Henry is one of the most well-loved vacuum cleaners of all time. But did you know that the Henry Hoover family has expanded in recent years? And how does it compare to other cylinder vacuum cleaners? Note: The Hetty is short for the Numatic Henrietta, so if you see people talk about the Henrietta this is actually the same vacuum. It has identical features, performance and accessories. The only difference between the two vacuums is the price. With that out of the way, let’s see how the Hetty stacks up against other cylinder hetty the hoover cleaners.

The dirt capacity of the Hetty is 9 litres. This makes it one of the largest we’ve reviewed, so you won’t need to empty it as often. There are also two castor wheels combined with fixed wheels, so it’s not as manoeuvrable as models with four castors. As you probably know, the Hetty is a bagged vacuum, so you’ll need to purchase additional bags. As the Henry range is so popular, finding these bags isn’t difficult and they are also reasonably priced.

Additionally, the combination of extension tubes, long 10 metre cable and hose mean that the cleaning range is over 26 metres. This is much larger than many other cylinders, and means you won’t need to change plug socket so often. The hose is also well-built so it won’t get crushed. Of course, the circular design of the Hetty has some drawbacks. The biggest is that it’s difficult to place it safely on stairs. You can use the upholstery nozzle for this, but the standard hose isn’t long enough to clean most staircases with the Hetty at the bottom. There’s the option of buying an extra extension for the hose though.

It’s also a relatively heavy cylinder at 8kg, so it’s probably not the best model for elderly people or anyone with a back injury. The carry handle is useful and strong, but this isn’t a compact or lightweight vacuum by any stretch. One area that Numatic vacuums stand out is reliability. The Hetty vacuum’s motor is built for professional cleaning, so it’s designed to last. In fact, Numatic models are rated as some of the most reliable in the industry. The Hetty comes with a combination floor head and you can switch between carpets and hard floors using a convenient foot switch. The sole plate is made from metal to help the head glide over surfaces more easily. Despite the metal plate, it can be difficult to push the head on carpets due to the strong suction.

This is solved by using the lower suction mode, although this isn’t as effective at cleaning. In general, hard floor pickup is decent, although it might need several passes. It’s more likely to push the debris along than suck it up. With smaller particles it performs much better. Unfortunately, it’s not as effective on carpets. The good news is that reducing the vacuum’s wattage to meet EU regulations doesn’t seem to have greatly affected its suction power.

Many Numatic customers were worried about this reduction, so we’re happy to report that suction is still reasonable even when in lower power mode. It also has an A-rating for energy efficiency. One thing we like about the vacuum is its low noise output. At 72dB, it’s not the quietest vacuum we’ve reviewed, but it’s considerably less noisy than most. This saves a lot of time, although we would have liked an automatic rewind function. There is on-board storage for the wand and one accessory. The handle can be folded down for storage.

If you want a more professional appearance, the face can be removed! These are considerably more durable than regular paper bags and also hold plenty of dirt and dust. Note: There is the option to use the Hetty without the bag, although more dust and dirt will escape into the air. Considering the low price, we recommend purchasing genuine Numatic bags. 150, we think the Hetty is reasonably priced considering the large capacity, cleaning performance and range of accessories. Fortunately, it’s often available for considerably less than the RRP, making it easy to recommend if your home has mainly hard floors and you’re looking for a large vacuum. Accessories The Hetty is sold with Numatic’s AS1 Combo kit of accessories. This includes an array of tools, including an upholstery nozzle, 2.

2 metre hose, dusting brush and crevice tool. Two extension tubes are also included. A bonus is that the Hetty comes with an extra adaptor for tools. If you’re working in a cramped space, you can remove the steel tube that tools usually attach to so you less restricted. Frequently Asked Questions How is the Hetty Hoover different from the Henry? We’ve mentioned this earlier in the post, but, in short, there is no difference between the two aside from the colour scheme. Hetty over the Henry is if you prefer the colour!

It’s also a reliable machine, so you probably won’t need to worry about it breaking down. Its performance on carpets isn’t great, especially as there’s no motorised brush bar to stir up deeper dirt. The Hetty is also bulky and heavy, so it’s not the most manoeuvrable or convenient. About James Hall James Hall is a vacuum and home appliance expert from the UK. Having reviewed hundreds of appliances for over 10 years, James is experienced at helping you choose the right model for your home. His writing has been featured in major publications such as Organic Lifestyle Magazine, Entirely Pets and The Doctor Weighs In. Visit our About Us page to read more. Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

Join hundreds of happy customers who have experienced our quality customer service. Enjoy a 14 days return period on all items, giving you that extra peace of mind. Graham at Elswoods went above and beyond to source and supply me with a new Numatic buffing machine at incredibly short notice to get me out of a fix, I can’t thank him enough. Elswoods Direct gave me the expert advice I needed when looking for a specialist vacuum cleaner. Not only did they do a fantastic job of finding the right vacuum for me, but they also provided incredible after support when I needed it. Having worked in the cleaning industry for decades, Elswoods Direct never fails to impress me with their level of knowledge. Whenever I need specialist cleaning equipment, Elswoods is always my go-to place. As cleaning supplier specialists, Elswoods is an excellent place for finding those items that other shops don’t stock.




Their staff are also incredibly friendly and knowledgeable which means they understand what I’m talking about without having to explain it 5 times! Whenever I’m looking for top quality cleaning supplies for my job, I always visit Elswoods Direct for their wide range of products and excellent service. It is most notable for its human-like face on the body of the vacuum cleaner. Numatic International vacuum cleaners with faces on the body or canister were originally invented in 1979, 123 years after the invention of the first vacuum, but they did not actually feature names on their caps until 1981. The first model of Henry started as something of a toy, with the functionality of a vacuum. They are most common in the United Kingdom where they are manufactured, but can also be found in other countries like the United States. Numatic International also manufacture spray mops, sold under the Henry and Hetty brands as «Henry Spray Mop» and «Hetty Spray Mop». Smaller and more compact versions of the standard Henry models, 6-litre capacity.


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A more compact version of the standard Henry model running off two 36-volt batteries, 6-litre capacity. Henry model designed for carpet care and cleaning pet hairs. Henry model designed for reducing exposure to dust-related allergens. A smaller, light blue version of the standard Henry model for capturing allergens, 6-litre capacity. A larger, dark blue version unlike any one of the standard Henry models, carpet cleaner, 15-litre capacity. The vacuums are also available with different names. All the original series are based on British names.

The names of the vacuums are on their caps. Vacuums with different names are generally of different colours and applications. Originally released without rewinding cable as model HVC200, but one was added at a later date. Also available in blue, green and yellow at one time. The «Allergy» and «Wash» models are only in light blue and dark blue respectively. Yellow, lower-cost version of Henry which was also available in red, blue and green. Its colour was later changed to lime green when it was rereleased as a Halloween special edition in 2005, but it had become discontinued by the end of that year. Larger red vacuum with a 15-litre capacity that was also available in blue, green and yellow, now discontinued. Larger blue wet-and-dry vacuum with a 15-litre dry and a 9-litre wet capacity which was also available in red, green and yellow at one time.

In the late 1980s, this model and some others were also manufactured with a cream-and-brown colour scheme. Larger green «all-in-one» vacuum with a 15-litre dry and a 9-litre wet capacity which was also available in red, blue and yellow at one time. Green, introduced alongside George and another green vacuum with a 15-litre capacity called «William» in 1990 as model DVR200, now discontinued. William was a lower-cost version of Charles that did not last very long before it was also discontinued. Green, introduced in 1997 as a Machine Mart exclusive, now discontinued. Yellow, professional vacuum and high performance with a caddy top and an 8-litre capacity. Green, originally released under the name of «Henry Hound» in 2003 and designed specifically for pet owners. Short for Henrietta, pink «feminine» version of Henry, introduced in 2007 to be marketed towards females. As mentioned above, its face is different from all the other models’ because it has long eyelashes.

Q and Screwfix limited edition with a caddy top like that of James, now discontinued. Green and Purple, introduced in 2014 as a John Lewis and Partners limited edition, now discontinued. Blue, introduced in 2015 as a Tesco limited edition with a caddy top like that of James, now discontinued. Some Henry models opt to instead say «Numatic» on the cap, such as the NBV190. Some do not even have anything on their caps and provide a more standard look, like the WV370, but these are mostly not considered Henrys because models that have nothing on their caps do not have a face. A very small amount of other models feature other words on their caps, such as the MFQ370 which features the word «Micro-filter».

Britain’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2014: No. Chancellor lends a hand to build conveniently named ‘George’ hoover». It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search? Welcome to Accelerated Videos Get all the updates on the web at acceleratedvideos. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Henry may be a British icon, but does the classic vacuum cleaner still suck today? Henry is getting on a bit. That iconic British vacuum cleaner turns 37 this year, first popping up in British homes way back in the early 1980s. He, along with his similarly named companions, is a staple in British households and offices up and down the country, but does the Henry Hoover still hold a place in the modern home? There’s clearly something about that smiling face that seems to work. It’s a little gimmicky sure, Numatic is cute-ifying a hoover after all, but it’s a tactic that’s helped make Henry one of the most popular vacuum cleaners around.

Forget Henry’s anthropomorphism for a second, though. We’re here to see whether Henry should be as popular as he is. Heck, my mum’s shop has used the same Henry for the last 20-odd years. This isn’t some cheap, disposable vacuum. It’s easy to maintain and repair, and will likely still be kicking about long after your kids move out. However, is Henry the right vacuum for you? Henry also trumps the lot of them with its superior suction power. There are also a wide variety of vacuums in the Henry range. Dyson V7 is our top pick. 3m long flexible hose is perfect for reaching awkward places, and should see you vacuuming up and down your stairs with minimal effort. There’s an enormous amount of mains cable, with 26. 8m of the stuff coiled inside the top of the cleaner. That means, once you’ve plugged it in, you shouldn’t have to unplug and relocate as you make your way around the house.

Winding it back in is a bit of a pain, though. And Henry’s nine-litre capacity means you shouldn’t have to keep emptying it all the time. When the time does come to empty him, though, Henry’s simple design makes this an easy job. For a bit of extra capacity you can even forgo the bag entirely and rely on the filter alone to protect the motors, but the sheer bulk of Henry’s nine-litre bucket means tipping it up and emptying it into the bin can be awkward. For the sake of your back I’d advise still stick with the supplied bags where possible. On the downside, Henry’s main cleaning head isn’t the most manoeuvrable. I often found myself fighting to line it up where I wanted it to go. In my tests, I found Henry failed to pick up tricky dirt on the first pass, pushing flecks of cat litter around, forcing multiple to get everything cleaned up. In the in end, Henry did suck up most of what I’d dropped, but picking up those stubborn remains sometimes felt like an uphill battle. Henry matches Dyson’s silent V6 Absolute for quietness. It scares off my cats but they’ll dart away from as much as a sneeze. The cleaner also comes with a bunch of tools and add-ons: including smaller brushes, a thin crevice tool and different sized steel tubes. Regardless, they’re a tight fit, without the need for suction clips or the like, and didn’t slip off during testing.

Henry is the quintessential vacuum cleaner. Harking back to a time of shoulder pads and denim jackets, he may be filled with nostalgia, but he’s a practical addition to the 2017 household. He’s cheaper than most and does the job well, just don’t expect Dyson-like levels of versatility or suction. 90 you’re getting one of the most reliable vacuum cleaners on the market. Perfect for cleaning on a budget, you can’t go wrong with a Henry. The Henry Hoover is a staple of the British home, and will continue to be for years to come. Just look at that face, try saying no to that. There is currently no content in this category. Doesn’t turn on, not sure why. Worked in the morning, didn’t in the afternoon. Pink Hetty hoover with eyelashes and clever attachment holder on back . Powerful suction and totally Covid clean . 2 or 3 attachments but no metal pipe.