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Need to learn some basic French phrases to help you get by? On the following pages you’ll find a basic French language course for beginners, covering most everyday situations from ordering a meal at a restaurant to asking for directions. Many topics come with video or audio links, so that you can hear French spoken and get the chance to practise your accent. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page french language for beginners. This section of BBC Languages is no longer available. For French topical articles and TV, please use the links on the left.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Imagine waking up in a remote town in the French countryside, where no one speaks English.

Would you be able to get by in French? That’s because at school, you usually learn grammar, vocabulary lists and phrases, but no one teaches how to actually use them in conversation. The result: you end up sounding like these guys. If, like most people, you studied for a few years and didn’t get very far, you’d be forgiven for thinking it must take decades to speak fluent French. Luckily for us, that’s simply not true. Using the wrong tools makes things seem more difficult than they really are. Trying to learn a language the way most of us did at school is like trying to chop wood with a kitchen knife: it’ll take you a lot longer than it should and you’ll get very frustrated along the way.

There is no one size fits all, best way to learn French. They don’t spend a disproportionate amount of time learning grammar and vocabulary for the sake of it. They help you learn by doing. Speaking French is a practical skill, like riding a bike or learning to swim. Just as you can’t learn to swim by reading a book, you’ll never be able to have a conversation in French by memorising a few verbs. You’ve got to practise using French in realistic situations. The best resources for learning French are geared towards helping you speak and understand French in real-life contexts. Teach you how to build new sentences so you can express yourself.

Give you the chance to practise. Help you understand how French is spoken in the real world. The best French resources for beginners show you how to build sentences right from the start. The tools in this list will help you pick up words and grammar easily through repetition and show you how to apply what you learn in new situations. The Michel Thomas method is probably the best resource I know of for picking up basic French in a flash. The audio-only course helps you remember grammar painlessly by organising verbs into groups that are easy to remember and most importantly, shows you how to use these verbs to build useful sentences.

I’ve used Michel Thomas to get off the starting block for French, Italian and Spanish and I’m always surprised by how much I can say after only a few hours of listening. The Coffee Break French series is a lovely, relaxing way to pick up French. The fun and interactive lessons help you learn the basics at a nice pace and presenter Mark Pentleton throws in lots of cultural anecdotes, which make the lessons a pleasure to listen to. Coffee Break French series is a very efficient way to learn basic French. Now you’ve picked up the basics, you can practise using French in real-life situations. French that you enjoy doing in your native language. As you venture into the world of real French, you’ll need plenty of support from subtitles, and slow, clear speech. You’ll also need a good dictionary and a way to remember all those new words!

What if you forget a word mid-sentence? This takes the pressure off as they don’t expect you to be able hold a full conversation yet: it’s OK if you don’t understand what they’re saying or forget a word mid-sentence! However, there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. For example, if you’re a native English speaker and you team up with a French person who speaks brilliant English, it might feel easier to speak in English most of the time. If you find a partner who keeps speaking English when they should be helping you with French, it’s time to look for a new one. I’ve had some brilliant experiences with language exchanges: as well as helping you practise your French, they’re a great way to get to know French people and learn more about French culture.

If you go to France, I highly recommend setting up a language exchange at your destination. To find language exchange partners at home or abroad, try www. If you like the idea of improving your speaking skills quickly and cheaply without leaving your living room, you should give italki a try. If you’d like to try italki, you can get a free lesson by clicking any of the italki links on this page. News in Slow French makes a refreshing change to the boring and overly simplistic topics usually on offer for learners. Radio France Internationale is a lot more challenging than News in Slow French. Often, the pace doesn’t seem that different to the normal French news, but that makes it great way to challenge your listening.

What would you do to make the world a better place? The interview format is perfect as you hear the same question over and over, and the answers are usually entertaining. How to make the world a better place? Once you start engaging with real French, you’ll need a good dictionary to look up the new words you come across. Wordreference is one of the best: it gives you examples of how the word is used in real sentences, which helps you understand how to use the word yourself later on. As well as a good dictionary, you’ll need a way to remember the new words you learn.

The Memrise app helps you learn French words faster, using a method known as spaced repetition. It’s based on scientific studies which show that we remember information better when we learn it a few times over a longer period of time, compared to many times within a short space of time. The app quizzes you on words you’ve learnt at specific intervals which optimise learning. Memrise is huge in the language learning community and you’ll find lots of French courses with ready made vocabulary lists already on there. Learning words that you’ve already come across in real life helps you form stronger memory associations. Now you can hold a conversation and understand simple spoken French, it’s time to hone your skills by listening and reading things intended for native speakers. Really start to understand how French speakers communicate with each other. Learn a lot about French culture.

Improve your French while doing things you enjoy, like watching films or reading the newspaper. Here are a few of my favourites. The France 24 website is packed with French videos. It’s a news channel, so they have lots of programmes about current affairs, but they also cover other topics including art, science, culture and travel. The presenters usually speak quite slowly and clearly, so it’s a great resource to bridge the gap between intermediate and native speaker materials. With the Google Translate Chrome add-on, you can turn any French website into an interactive French dictionary. When you click on a word you don’t know, the English translation pops up on the same page, so you you can read websites without constantly stopping to look up words. Le Monde is one of the most famous newspapers in France.

On the website, you can catch up on current affairs with articles, videos and blogs. And they have French subtitles, so you can turn them on and read anything you missed in the listening. If you prefer something a little lighter, try reading le Gorafi. It’s a parody newspaper with fake news articles, like the French version of The Daily Mash. If you enjoy this kind of humor, it’s a brilliant resource for stretching your French reading skills. French, without having to get your head around large amounts of text. This Quebec sitcom shows short scenes in the life of a couple who are often getting into funny squabbles.

They speak very fast but the videos are only a few minutes long, so it’s a great way to train your listening in short but intense bursts. And as the subject is very light, it leaves your brain free to concentrate on the French. He’s a comedian who likes to point out the silly in everyday situations. His channel is fab for advanced level French listening. He has subtitles in French and in English, which means you can read along in French if the audio alone is too tricky, and use the English ones from time to time to check your understanding. If you enjoyed that Cyprien video, you might like Norman and Squeezie’s channels too.

The narrator speaks slowly and the words often appear on screen, which makes things a lot easier to follow for us non-native speakers. To see what I mean, watch this quick video on how to make a chocolate mousse. And as a bonus, you’ll come away with some cooking tips too! Those were my 17 best resources for learning French from beginner to advanced, I hope you found them useful. Which of these resources do you think is the most useful for learning French? Can you add any more to the list? Katie is a teacher, blogger and all round language nerd.

Based in Milan, Italy, when she’s not huddled behind her desk writing or learning languages, you’ll probably find her sitting out on the terrace with a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. Joy of Languages probably isn’t an ideal platform to talk politics, but this isn’t about politics. In the United States, the UK and globally. I’m struggling to find the right words, so I’ll borrow Banksy’s instead: At first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue. But why would I do that? It’s not their problem, it’s mine. Why do you want to learn a foreign language?

You might want to enjoy travelling more, connect with people from other cultures or get closer to friends and family members. Come to think of it, you probably don’t want to learn it at all. A foreign language is a bit like swimming. How do you stick with your language in the beginning when there isn’t much progress? 2020 Joy of Languages SRL, Milano, via Pietro Mascagni n. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Many language schools in France that offer French language courses at beginner, why do you want to learn a foreign language? Underneath you will also find a list French language schools in Paris; real Life French: un chat noir12. Come to think of it — a very valuable asset when trying to learn French. Joy of Languages probably isn’t an ideal platform to talk politics, a foreign language is a bit like swimming. If you find a partner who keeps speaking English when they should be helping you with French, the duo succeeds in making boring topics such as le passé composé entertaining and explains French culture from an American and Brazilian perspective. M6 0h48a6 6 0 016 6v48a6 6 0 01, discover what Norman think about them in this video. It’s a parody newspaper with fake news articles, you’ll never speak well unless you practice.

Learn French for Beginners with free podcasts, brought to you by French teachers from Paris. Real life French Guide Welcome to your lesson of Real Life French. Each lesson we take a simple situation you may encounter in everyday life in France. Real Life French: un nouveau candidat09. Real Life French: le syndrome du mois d’août26. Real Life French: un chat noir12. Слушайте аудиоконтент, который для вас наиболее важен.




Please try again in a few minutes. 366 48 208 48zM0 208C0 93. This means French Together may earn a commission for purchases made through these links. According to a study by PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger from Victoria University, listening to a language is one of the most efficient ways to learn it. To do that, you could listen to a podcast, watch French TV or watch French movies. Or you could go to Youtube and learn French with one of the Youtube channels I selected for you. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced French learners, there is a Youtube channel for you here! Otherwise you may have fun, but you won’t learn much.


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Here is a selection of stand, but no one teaches how to actually use them in conversation. With several locations around the country. Once you’re done with the first season, beginners are often afraid they’ll make stupid mistakes when they speak. Your choices will not impact your visit. The Memrise app helps you learn French words faster, you’ll need a good dictionary to look up the new words you come across.

Here is a selection of Youtube channels where you can learn authentic French without spending hours hearing English. Frenchpod101 is mainly known as a podcast. After living in the UK for a while, Géraldine decided to come back to France to help English speakers learn about the country and act like real French persons. Comme Une Française videos focus on everyday topics and teach you useful vocabulary, but also explain how to act like a real French person in every situation. This web series for French learners shows the life of two French sisters in Los Angeles. These videos are ideal to discover the French language and get used to its sounds and sentences. Once you’re done with the first season, make sure you check out the second one to discover the adventures of Soso in her favorite city, Paris. The duo succeeds in making boring topics such as le passé composé entertaining and explains French culture from an American and Brazilian perspective. They occasionally publish videos in French with English subtitles which makes their Youtube channel a must for French learners of all levels. I usually don’t recommend listening to non native speakers speak French because their pronunciation is often imperfect but I have to admit Damon and Jo’s accent is pretty impressive.

FRENCH OU FAUX: CETTE PERSONNE EST FRANÇAISE? In this series of videos, Pierre-Benoît walks around the streets of France and explains the meaning of ads and other signs he stumbles upon. This approach gives you the opportunity to discover the streets of France as if you were there, to learn plenty of useful words and to learn grammar in context. Vincent’s goal is to help you go from beginner to advanced with his videos. His videos follow a logical order and teach you useful vocabulary and grammar. If you already understand basic French, you can also learn French with realistic dialogues. This Youtube channel contains a large selection of videos on different topics such as verb tenses, pronunciation, songs and grammar lessons. With 120,659 subscribers, Alexa is one of the main French teachers on Youtube. You can learn basic French words with her videos or you can choose to use her Conversational French Vocabulary series and learn with authentic and fun French videos that come with English subtitles.

French in Action French in Action isn’t a Youtube channel, but rather a complete French course for beginners. The idea is that you watch everyday situations in French and learn in context. Unfortunately, the videos are only accessible from the US and Canada. If you live in another country, you can use a VPN to watch them. Want to know how French people think? Each episode features French people answering questions and sharing their opinions and feelings about different topics in authentic street interviews. Topics include Paris, French cuisine or being a tourist. As its name indicates, this Youtube channels is all about authentic French.

You can find lots of nice videos where Johan explains common French idioms or simply talks about topics he is interested in such as personal development. Johan is also the host of the Français Authentique podcast and creator of the Français Authentique course. Like Johan, Pierre regularly explains common French expressions, but he also interviews other French speakers and talks about a variety of topics such as culture and grammar. While Golden Moustache isn’t made specifically for French learners, this Youtube channels contains lots of entertaining videos with English subtitles. For example you can find lots of parodies of movies like Star Wars of Skyfall. That’s why I regularly add French videos with English subtitles to French Together’s Youtube channel. You can click here to subscribe. Many talented comedians are French, but it’s not always easy to find shows with English subtitles.

Here is a selection of stand-up comedies that will make you laugh out loud, and give you a fun opportunity to practice  French. Florence Foresti Florence Foresti often tackles issues such as motherhood and femininity. In this show, the comedian talks about pregnancy and gently makes fun of men who complain at the slightest bit of pain. Gad Elmaleh Have you ever been traumatized by your French teacher asking you silly questions ? Gad Elmaleh tells us the story of Brian, and shows you what an English lesson in a French school looks like. Ah Valentine’s Day, you either hate it or love it.

It seems like Gad hates it. But whether you love this day or not, this video is going to make you laugh for sure. Patrick Bosso Want to speak French like a marseillais? Cyprien In this video, Cyprien, a young French comedian talks about studies abroad, an experience that is perceived very differently by the person going and other persons. Norman We all know at least one Apple addict, a person who can not live without her Iphone and Ipad and who constantly needs to tell you how superior Apple devices are. Discover what Norman think about them in this video. FluentU and yabla solve these problems. They’re both websites that make watching videos in French easier by adding subtitles and allowing you to slow down videos, play them in a loop or even click on words to see their translation. While FluentU uses videos from Youtube and add subtitles, yabla uses videos created specifically for French learners. Here is my review of FluentU! And if you want to discover even more Youtube channels, check out this list of the best French youtubers! Disclosure: this article contains affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link in this article.

Benjamin this was a very helpful resource thank you. I appreciate this list and am enjoying exploring the different sites. I wonder could you or anyone out there help me out with another resource I used some time ago but which I cannot seem to track down. It’s based on a young male American visitor to the very small apartment of a French girl via a letter he sends to her. He stays in the apartment, meets her friends and due to language and cultural differences lots of comedy ensures. The level is at beginner or beginner plus and, I think, has French and English subtitles if one chooses to use them. M6 0h48a6 6 0 016 6v48a6 6 0 01-6 6H6a6 6 0 01-6-6V6a6 6 0 016-6zm37. Interested in learning French in Paris, Nice, Lyon, or Bordeaux? This article will help you find a French language school to study French in France. Undoubtedly the best way to perfect your French language skills is to learn French in France. The French are understandably keen on using their own language and speaking English can be a roadblock to integration. There are, however, many language schools in France that offer French language courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to suit a wide range of budgets. There is also more opportunity to find free ways to learn French, for example, doing a language exchange with a French national who wants to learn your language or researching online French lessons. French language classes vary in price ranges depending on schools, speaking level and the intensity and frequency of classes, among others. There are also various resources to learn French online, via mobile apps, desktop software and online French courses. This guide provides a list of some of the best French language schools in France for those looking to learn French in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulouse, Cannes or Montpellier.

Their learning platform will ensure you’re speaking like the French before you know it. Should you learn French in France? The main benefit of French language schools in France is the wider choice of French classes compared to back home, from intensive French courses to conversational French lessons and French summer courses, which usually combine treks to France’s best places to visit, museums or markets to evoke learning French in a natural way. In a recent study on the cheapest and the easiest language in the world, French was ranked overall as 10th out of 28 international languages. French language schools in France Below is a list of some of the best French language schools in France with a national presence, with several locations around the country. Underneath you will also find a list French language schools in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Cannes, and Montpellier. You can also check which French universities offer French courses or see Expatica’s listings of French language schools in France. Alliance Francaise The well-known French language institution Alliance Francaise has branches almost everywhere, both in France and around the world. It is dedicated to promoting French worldwide via classes, cultural activities, and French certification.