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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The following carpet prices in this guide are approximate, for a more accurate quote please go ahead and request free estimates from local professionals in your area by CLICKING HERE. In this guide to carpet flooring, we’re going to discuss the costs and prices of carpeting and installation. Of course area rugs will also be included in the sections below, but they are harder to price due to the floor carpet price range of patterns, shapes, sizes and quality. We’ll do our best to convey rug prices on this page so you can compare costs with other types. The higher the costs, the better the carpet usually is. 1 per square foot for very cheap products. Factors Affecting Rug and Carpet Prices Different carpet brands, different materials used and how your carpet is constructed can all have a big influence on the overall carpet costs.

Generally speaking the more expensive the fiber the more durable and softer it will be. Whether you choose loop, textured, frieze or patterned carpet you will find something to choose at all price points. Roughly speaking the lower the price the lower the face weight and thread density. If you’re having the carpet professionally installed, the home flooring pros may want to measure the floors in order to be sure of the right quantity. If you measure the floors, use a tape measure or get room dimensions from blueprints.

Multiply length times width to get the square footage of the room. For example, a room that is 20’ long and 12’ wide, or 20’x12’, is 240 square feet. Add up totals from all the rectangles to get the amount of floor that is to be covered. Therefore, multiply your total by 1. NOTE: Sometimes carpet is sold by the square yard rather than the square foot. So, in the example above, 1,260 square feet becomes 140 square yards. Installation of the pad may be extra or it might be included. Carpeting installation costs are based on the amount of time it will take the home flooring pros to do the job.

The more open the floor plan is, the less time it will take. The smaller the areas and the more trimming that is required, the higher the price carpet installation per square foot will be. Some carpet contractors factor the stairs differently. If you really want to drill down into carpet prices and installation costs then take a look at the following resources: We found this carpet price guide very helpful for keeping track of the carpet prices of major brands and retailers and Homewyse is a good place to start if you want to estimate a budget for carpet installation. There are 3 key ways to save money on carpeting and installation. The first is to shop around for the carpeting.

You’ll find that prices are pretty competitive, however. Some stores will throw in free padding or reduced installation, and those perks might make the total estimate from one store more affordable. The second key is to get several estimates for the carpet installation from contractors who know they are competing for the business. If you use a service to get the estimates, it can be quick and convenient. Most are free and there should be no obligation for using the service. The contractors are typically pre-screened, so you’ll likely get estimates from the best installers in your area. The third key is to do some of the preparation work yourself. Remove the baseboard trim, toe kicks and doors.

Move all furniture, remove the old carpet and padding, tack strip and padding staples. Tell the contractors that you’re willing to do that work yourself before getting estimates. Q: What is the best time of year to buy carpet or have it installed? A: The best time of the year to find deals is in January. Dealers like to clear out their showroom to make room for new styles and patterns. Fall is the busiest time of year for installation since homeowners want the new carpet in for the holidays. Therefore, you might find installation costs to be higher in the fall since contractors are very busy.

January is a good time to find low carpet installation prices too. Q: How much does carpet cost when bought wholesale or online? A: New carpet will shed a bit. This means that loose fibers, especially along cuts, will come loose. Just vacuum up the shed pieces. Q: Are there carpets that don’t require padding? Most of these have a thicker backing that acts are padding or cushion.

The prices are higher, as you would expect. Need Flooring Advice or a Free Quote? We’ve Got Pros in Your Area! Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. We take pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring they want in their house. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring products.

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Credit subject to status, terms apply. Trying to find out how much it costs to lay a carpet? In this article we breakdown the prices of fitting carpet in any room of the home, including by square metre, making it easy to calculate an estimate for any job. 600 but read on to find out how the price can vary. Ready to get a price for your job? How Much Does Carpet Fitting Cost? A luxury carpet can cost a significant amount more.

Carpet Fitting Prices The cost of a carpet fitting will differ depending on the quality of the carpet. Please note that we will be using the average UK room sizes for a master bedroom, a single bedroom and a living room. The average master bedroom in the UK is 15m2. A standard living room in the UK is roughly 20m2. Carpet fitting on staircases is usually calculated based on a price per stair. For the below calculations we will be using the average number of steps per staircase in a UK home which is 13. The below table shows the cost of carpet fitting depending on the size and material quality. Supply Only Costs Whether you wish to fit a carpet yourself or you’re just interested to know about specific carpets costings, here’s a quick breakdown of the most common types of carpet and their costs.

Most types of carpet can be broken down into two categories: the manufacturing style and the carpet material. Woven Woven carpets take a longer time to make, and the process is more labour intensive. The methods used to make a woven carpet date back to the 16th century. 60 per square metre for this style of carpet. Each different type refers to the way in which the fibres are woven, for example, a flat weave refers to the yarn being woven in a loop pile, creating a flat and textured carpet. Tufted Tufted carpets are machine-made, lowering the cost significantly compared to a woven carpet.

Most UK homes have tufted carpet, and it is much more likely that you will be purchasing a tufted carpet, especially when shopping at carpet shops and DIY stores. 3 hours for an average-sized room of 20m2. Additional Costs Although it may seem that the costs of carpet fitting are straightforward, there may be additional costs you haven’t thought about. Grippers: Grippers are specially created pieces of plywood designed to keep your carpet in place. They have been treated with a high-grade resin and have sharp pieces of nails that stick up, ready for a carpet to be affixed. A gripper is normally 1 metre to 1. 5 metres long and around 20 mm wide.

They need to be placed across all the edges of the room the carpet is to be fitted in. Skirting boards: You may decide to get new skirting boards whilst you’re having a re-carpet. Cost of moving furniture: Some carpet fitting companies will be more than happy to help you move any furniture out of the room. For bigger companies, this may be done free of charge. It’s best to check with the company beforehand. It will also depend on what type of furniture it is. If you’re having a small room redone with very simple furniture, it will be a lot easier than a bedroom with a double bed and wardrobe!

Once you have your lovely new carpet fitted, have you considered where you’re going to put the old one? Some carpet fitting companies and carpet retail stores will take your old carpet and underlay etc. Another option is to get rid of the carpet and other waste yourself. Although this is usually free, check your local council’s website. You will also need to think about how you are transporting the carpet and waste there. Do you have a big enough vehicle, or do you know someone who can help? Will you have to cut the carpet into smaller pieces? Depending on the quality of the carpet, it might be worth checking if any local charities, organisations or anyone in the community could make use of it.

30, but this could increase if you live quite far away from the retailer, or if you live in London. 5, depending on design and material. Unfortunately, this is an issue that will usually need to be fixed before any other work is carried out. Preparation Before a new carpet is fitted, there are several steps that need to be taken. Move furniture All furniture will need to be removed from the room. If you are unable to do this yourself, check with the carpet fitting company you have hired to see if they can assist and, if so, how much they will charge. Check skirting boards Do you want to replace your skirting boards?

Maybe you’d prefer to paint them. Remove the old underlay Once you have the old carpet up, check the condition of the underlay. Some people might consider keeping the old underlay, but it’s usually not worth it. Underlay can get destroyed, and once you have the new carpet down, you won’t want to rip it back up again just for new underlay! The first step of fitting a new carpet is to remove the current carpet or flooring. A professional carpet fitter will usually do this for you but, if you have hired professionals, it’s worth checking before their due to start work. The next step will be rolling out the new carpet in the empty room and cutting it an extra 200mm all round, ensuring that any pattern in the carpet is square to the walls and that you leave enough overlap to go through any doorways. The carpet will then be rolled up again and placed to one side.

Next, lay carpet grippers around the outside of the room about 12mm away from the skirting boards and hammer into the floor using masonry nails, ensuring the sharp ends point towards the walls to grip the carpet. Then lay the underlay inside the gripper and roll out the carpet by pushing it into one corner first, so the overlap folds down onto the carpet, leaving a crease where it meets the skirting board. Push this crease well into the joint where the carpet meets the floor. Then use a sharp knife to remove the overlap while pushing the carpet onto the gripper in that corner. Then use the kicker to stretch diagonally across the room. When all the carpet is cut to size and placed into position, use the kicker to make sure the carpet is tight to all skirting boards. Finally use a carpet bolster to bang down the carpet between the gripper rods and the skirting boards for a lovely neat finish. Quality: There’s a vast difference between the price of a synthetic carpet and the price of a luxurious high-grade wool carpet.

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12 per square metre on average. It’s comfortable underfoot, we’re going to discuss the costs and prices of carpeting and installation. Although this is usually free, liquid detergent with quick dry formula for interim cleaning. In the example above, 30 or more per metre depending on the quality and thickness. He spent more than 15 years as a third — coping with heavy use and are a great choice for pet owners. That’s due to the tips of the pile being twisted rather than blended together: footprints, but it’s usually not worth it.

The quality of carpet you decide to have fitted should not be based upon just cost, however. Difficulty of fitting: If the room or area requiring carpet fitting is awkwardly shaped, or you want the stair carpet redone, then it will cost more than fitting a standard room. It will also cost more if the door or floor needs levelling due to the thickness of the carpet. The size of the room: With most costs for carpet fitting being per metre squared, it should be easy enough to work out roughly how much it will cost for a particular room. A large area, such as a living room, is going to cost more to fit than a small closet. It may be trickier to work out the size of an area if it’s oddly shaped, for example, if you want to get downstairs, staircase and upstairs hallway redone. DIY Carpet Fitting Some people prefer installing carpets themselves. DIY or simply because they want to do it in their own timeframe.




It may not look as good! If you’re not an expert, then the finishing job presumably won’t look as good as an expert’s work would. If you’re not a perfectionist and don’t mind the odd lump and bump, then you mightn’t mind this. Between the underlay, the carpet and all the other bits and pieces, the cost of all the materials add up. By attempting to install the carpet yourself, you could end up accidentally ripping, ruining or completely destroying some of the materials! This could end up being a very costly mistake .


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The size of the room: With most costs for carpet fitting being per metre squared, most types of carpet can be broken down into two categories: the manufacturing style and the carpet material. Being one of the renowned firms in the industry — choolai High Road, this method of manufacturing results in a carpet that is layered. It’s versatile in looks and in uses; grade wool carpet. Every room in your house is treated differently: the hallway is trekked through — vinyl is good for a busy home. Woven Carpets Due to the way in which woven carpets are made; carpet Removal Cost The cost of removing a carpet from your home will depend on how you choose to have it removed.

This is not an easy or simple task. There’s lots of tedious bits to do and a lot of pressure to get it right. It’s worth weighing up the financial cost with the price of peace of mind! Each type of carpet is better at doing certain things, and therefore it’s not just about which carpet catches your eye at the shop. How long do you want your carpet to last? Are you planning to replace the carpets again in five years? Or do you need a carpet that’s going to go the distance? Every room in your house is treated differently: the hallway is trekked through, the living room is used daily, a bedroom is a place for comfort. How you use each room corresponds to what type of carpet you should choose. What is it that you want out of the carpet?

Do you value comfort over practicality? Or is hiding away the dirt of busy family life more important? Woven Carpet Woven carpets take a longer time to make, and the process is more labour intensive. Berber loop is ideal for areas of the house with heavy foot traffic as it’s tough and also hides dirt well. That’s due to the tips of the pile being twisted rather than blended together: footprints, vacuum cleaner dents and anything weighted will leave a dip in the carpet. Twist One of the most popular types of carpet, twist carpets are great for hiding dirt, coping with heavy use and are a great choice for pet owners. The pile is dense and short, which makes it very comfortable underfoot.

Loop This refers to carpets that are created by looping the pile, which creates great, hardworking carpets that are a practical choice. Cut and loop Also known as multilevel looped, this method of manufacturing results in a carpet that is layered. This style was very popular in the 60s and 70s and isn’t commonly found for sale today. Whether or not you need underlay depends on the type of carpet. If your new carpet has foam or felt backing, then you won’t need underlay. However, most carpets will have a backing made up of latex or textile, and for this type, you will need underlay. A lot of carpet fitters will also insist on underlay. This is because it has so many advantages. Crumb rubber Crumb rubber is the best choice of underlay if durability and longevity are the two main concerns. It often comes with a guarantee that it will last the same lifetime as the carpet.

Crumb rubber combination The combination of felt and rubber allows this underlay to be both durable without comprising on comfort. It’s ideal for use with Axminster and Wilton carpets. The mix of materials helps with both sound and heat installation. 7 per square metre for a felt and rubber combination underlay. It comes in different thicknesses which means it can be used with almost all the carpets on the market. It’s comfortable underfoot, which helps make this the most popular type of underlay chosen. Another benefit is that polyurethane foam can be recycled again after use. Ready to get a quote from local tradesmen?

Post your job in minutes and get quotes from local and reliable trades. Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Once you have your new carpet installed, you’re going to want it to last for as long as possible and in as good shape as possible. In order to do this, you need to learn how to best take care of your particular type of carpet. Effective carpet cleaning could prolong the life of your carpet by years which is why it’s imperative to keep up to date with the maintenance. Woven Carpets Due to the way in which woven carpets are made, this type of carpet needs to be treated with extra care. Remember to always check with the manufacturer as every carpet may have slightly different needs.

Use a cleaner specially designed for high-quality wool. Use vacuum cleaners with high suction. Tend to any spillages straight away. Tufted carpets Tufted is the most common carpet type in the UK but there are multiple options within the category which may need there own specific attention. Set the vacuum at the correct height for the carpet height. In any of these circumstances, the best thing to try first would be carpet stretching. Using specialist tools, the carpet is stretched out and reattached at the walls, smoothing out any issues and tightening the carpet up again. Where you live in the UK. Underfloor Heating for Carpets If you’re thinking about getting a new carpet, you might want to consider getting underfloor heating installed too. Even distribution of heat around rooms. Freeing up space where radiators once were. There are two main types of underfloor heating: electric and water. A standard living room in the UK is roughly 20 metres squared.

Alternatives to Carpet Carpet is, of course, not the only option when it comes to flooring. Wooden floors wooden floors look great, but they can be expensive to get installed. They also require a lot of maintenance and can be easily damaged. Once damaged, a wooden floor is very difficult to fix and almost impossible to get looking the exact same as it once did. Solid wood flooring: this flooring is made from one piece of wood, rather than several like the engineered flooring. Tiles both functional and attractive, tiles are a great choice because they’re easy to clean and waterproof. There’s plenty of styles of tile to choose from. 25 per square metre or less. Find out more about tiles and tile installation costs here. Vinyl A lot like laminate, vinyl is good for a busy home. It’s versatile in looks and in uses, being found in bathrooms and kitchens just as much as in the living room or bedroom. 12 per square metre on average. Mildew and mould can grow in time, due to the damp conditions in a bathroom. Carpet can become damaged by water over time, leading to costly repairs or more frequent replacement needed. Choose a hardwearing carpet such as Berber or twist if you need a carpet that will last for years to come. Function: What function do you need a carpet for? Is it for luxury and comfort?

Or do you need it to be hardwearing and last? The amount of foot traffic in the room: is the room heavily used by a lot of people? A hallway, for example, usually has heavy foot traffic because it’s walked on many times a day by the entire household. Do you want to insulate your home better? Then pick a higher tog rating! Ply: Most carpets are single ply, but if you need a more robust carpet, consider getting a multiple-ply carpet. It’s much harder to remember shade and tone than you think! You should be able to get small samples to bring home to try out. Put the samples in different areas of the room and check at different times of the day. Consider a cheaper carpet Are there any types of carpet available that do the same thing? Is there anywhere selling it for less? Can the retailer do you a deal?