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Adjustable mandolines with adjustable blades and cutting heights. Flat Board mandolines for Japanese and sushi preparation. Food slicers for slicing meats, cheeses and vegetables. A selection of mandolines for professional chefs and home cooks. Platform Insert Mandolines with a limited number of thickness settings. Vegetable slicers to slice vegetables to any desired thickness or specialty cut. Slicing tips to make best mandolines your mandoline slicer easy and safe to use.

Benriner produces high quality mandolines including mandolines made with high quality stainless steel blades. With the Benriner mandoline you can make various types of chunky and crisp cuts on vegetable or fruits. Borner makes mandolines including the Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Pro mandoline is the original V-slicer. Borner mandoline slicers are made in Germany, imported to the U. The chef favorite, Bron mandolines are heavy duty solid stainless steel and have mounted julienne and french fry blades.

Made in France, Bron mandolines are preferred by more professional Chefs. Cuisinart manufactures an affordable stainless steel mandoline with a reversible sliding blade that makes waffle and straight cuts. The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Mandolin Slicer is an efficient professional tool. Cuisinox mandolines feature the functional design and modern appearance that make it a must-have. The cuisinox mandoline includes a hand guard as well as 5 blades in a protective plastic case . The de Buyer line of authentic French mandolines offer the perfect introduction to creating waffle, straight and julienne cuts. Made of sturdy stainless steel and a polymer composite, the de Buyer Mandoline is dishwasher safe. Kyocera makes an economic plastic mandoline with a ceramic blade that is rated as good as more expensive steel models.

The Kyocera mandoline’s ceramic blade, results in beautiful, paper-thin, uniform slices. Matfer mandolines are a chef favorite that are made of heat resistant, nonporous composite fiberglass. Oneida has created a mandoline slicer that allows precise control over the texture and size of every cut. With the 5 different cutting blades you can achieve a variety of different slices with Oneida mandolines. Mandoline is the perfect tool for creating culinary sensations quickly and easily. Oxo Mandolines with straight and wavy blades can be set to any slice thickness and are ideal for making cucumber salad, potato chips, onion rings and citrus slices, and try making french fries, carrot sticks and garnishes with the thin and thick julienne blades. Pinzon’s recently redesigned stainless steel mandoline produces uniform, precise cuts of vegetable and fruit.

8 stainless steel, Pinzon Mandolines offer a variety of cuts with four versatile blade attachments. Shun Mandolines are widely recognized as kitchen cutlery for the ultimate connoisseur and the new Shun Pro Mandoline is no exception. The Shun Mandoline features, the blade design preferred by professional Japanese chefs — a one sided beveled edge with a hollow-ground back. Security Note: All stores linked to on this site feature Secure SSL Technology. 471 0 0 0 16 9. Find Ingredients to include Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Find ingredients to exclude Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator.

As a professional chef, I have a healthy fear of mandoline slicers. I’ve seen my fair share of cooks cut themselves after a brief moment of misdirected attention. I also realized that if trained professionals are just as likely to harm themselves as novices, maybe looking for a mandoline that focuses on safety is the key. With my newfound realization, I wanted to find the best one that wouldn’t break the bank. I discovered seven well-rated models: both standing versions and hand-held models. After slicing pounds of vegetables to see how each one stacked up, we found a few that made the cut. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

It was the only hand-held model we tested with a V-shaped blade, which allowed it to smoothly slice through everything from hard sweet potatoes to tender tomato skins. 32-inch—were easily changed with a twist of a knob. The plastic finger guard was fairly effective with its larger-than-most size and super sharp prongs to grip onto the food. This model was immediately my favorite during testing and its score backed it up, solidly placing this mandoline in its spot as best overall. How We Tested The Tester Hi, I’m Lindsay Mattison, a trained professional chef and a serious fan of thinly sliced vegetables. I love farm-fresh produce, so I’ve been known to make elaborate vegetable salads in the summer and I frequently layer root vegetables for au gratin dishes in the winter.

The Tests After we set up the mandolines, it was time to get slicing! We wanted to test each model to see if they were safe, sharp, and easy to use. Our primary concern was safety, so we needed to know that each mandoline had a few features to protect its user. For example, almost all mandolines come with a finger guard, so we tested to see how useful they were. We also wanted to test whether each model would stay in place during use, and could be safely stored without the risk of slicing your fingers when reaching for them. Once we determined that they were safe to use, we tested how sharp the blade was and assessed how each one’s design affected the blade use.

We didn’t want a mandoline with a design that required us to use too much pressure to create slices. We tested with easy-to-slice cucumbers, delicate tomatoes, rough lemons, and hard sweet potatoes. The results displayed the mandoline’s ability to create uniform slices with consistent thickness. Finally, we looked at whether each mandoline was easy to use. If it wasn’t easy to store, and if it was difficult to change the thickness and optional attachment settings, you would be less likely to use it. Otherwise, it was well performing on all the vegetables, including the rough lemons and super hard sweet potatoes. While it’s the largest and heaviest of the hand-held mandolines, it’s also an attractive little piece.

The Kyocera Adjustable was the smallest and lightest-weight model we tested. It’s also the only one with a ceramic blade, which means it’s not only super, super sharp but it should also last longer than stainless blades without dulling or rusting. The four slicing settings were easily changed by turning the dial on the back, which also allowed you to lock the blade safely into a storage position. While we generally felt that the hand-held models tested better, the OXO Good Grips V-Blade was our favorite standing model. It sits at a diagonal angle, so it had the same effortless ergonomic setup as the handhelds to slice in a downward motion. It did struggle a bit with the hard sweet potatoes, but it had our favorite finger guard of the group. I really liked the small profile and the clip-on finger guard on the OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline.

It performed really well on the thicker settings—which were controlled by a slide dial that includes a lock setting—but it didn’t make uniform slices on the thinner settings. The rubber feet gripped nicely and the handle was comfortable, but some of the other hand-held models had an edge up when it came to performance. I’ve owned this Benriner vegetable slicer for almost five years, carrying it around with me in my knife roll from job to job. So, I was shocked when it underperformed on these tests! I thought this model would have one of the sharper blades. The box-style model of the 7-piece Swissmar Börner is great for storing the slicer and its attachments, but it has a major design flaw.

This mandoline doesn’t have a hand-held grip or retractable feet, so the storage box is also used as the mandoline’s base while you slice. That makes it convenient for catching your sliced vegetables, but the design requires you to to remove all the attachments from the box before using the mandoline. Mattison is a professional chef, food writer, and amateur gardener. She is currently writing a cookbook that aims to teach home cooks how to write without a recipe. We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. We help you find the best stuff and make the most of the stuff you already own. 2021 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. This super-affordable, no-frills model is small and flat enough to fit in a drawer, has three thickness settings, and was sharp enough to cut tender tomatoes without turning them into mush. Then this is the gadget for you. The double-sided blade cuts in both directions, and the sturdy base keeps it stable so you can focus on the food. If we’re being honest, this souped-up model won us over with its awesome waffle-cutting blade. When you’re not frying potatoes, you can choose from four thickness options and two julienne blades. Serious home cooks and chefs are fans of this mandoline, which cuts wafer-thin slices with ease.

But the instructions are minimal and the blades aren’t integrated and have to be manually switched out, so this one isn’t for beginners. Food holders and finger guards are great, but if you want extra protection, invest in a cut-resistant glove. We like the OXO Good Grips Cut Resistant Glove, which comes in three sizes, is machine-washable, and works for righties and lefties. Rachael Ray In Season is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. The best mandoline slicers for your kitchen prepare food effortlessly turning fruits and veggies into consistent pieces, even julienne sticks of any proportions with speed and precision. A mandoline vegetable slicer will cut potatoes, onion or carrots using the V slicer option. These mandoline veg slicers are tough enough to resist the force of slipping over the plane devoid of moving or bending. The V slicer mandolines cut long unbroken strips without blockage.

Meshela Mandoline Slicer — Get It! ONSON V Slicer Mandoline — Get It! MILcea German Steel Mandoline Slicer — Get It! The mandoline kitchen slicer is an instrument with a razor-sharp cutting tool that allows for consistent, specialist looking slices of veg, fruit and various other food products. If you have never experienced a food slicer similar to this, any stainless-steel mandoline slicer might appear challenging ‘or daunting’ in the beginning. You’ll be passionate after a few attempts to slide the veg over the sharp edge many times watching the pieces slip out.

If you are trying to find something pain-free on a price range or more specialist version, there is a tool to suit your needs. The latest type of food mandoline to hit the industry is the paddle structured. This kind of mandoline is commonly small-scale and generally manufactured from the plastic material. Paddle mandoline slicers will be hand-held vegetable chopper equipment that is somewhat inexpensive. Many mandoline cooking tools are often dishwasher secure with modest grips on either side where you can suspend them around the border of a dish. Their particular small proportions make them uncomplicated to keep, but essential for everybody short on storage space.

This tool goes across the top of a dish, similar to the paddle slicers, or it might possess folding legs in its place. Cooliker Mandoline Veg Slicer — Get It! Zosam Mandoline Cooking Tool — Get It! Cutting Thicknesses That Differ Up To 7. A French variety of mandoline veggie slicer may be the most suitable sort of veg slicer. The vast majority of EU style mandoline cutters have collapsing out legs, are constructed with metallic structure, and are considerably more significant.

The cutting tool can transform to slice food into various concepts. If you need to make fries or julienne strips, this can be done using a French mandoline. A comfy, secure slicing safeguard is essential for protection on any mandoline. The hand safeguard holds the food with sharp steel or spikes to press up against the slicer. This guard continues to keep your fingers away from mandoline julienne slicer razor-sharp edge. The most trusted guards are at a minimum as wide as the bottom of the mandoline slicer and then work efficiently over the slicing path without snagging.

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Don’t put it in the dishwasher, the cutting tool height must be uncomplicated to modify and secure firmly in position. The larger or more complex a mandoline, offers crinkle cuts and two sizes of julienne. After a new round of testing — which is key for following recipes and consistent cook times. Expensive mandoline got a perfect score from Cook’s Illustrated for safety, the plunger on top of the guard allows you to push the vegetable down while keeping your fingers out of the way of the blade. I’ve owned this Benriner vegetable slicer for almost five years, tomato and orange slices, on finger guard on the OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline. Serious home cooks and chefs are fans of this mandoline — this mandoline is definitely the ideal cook’s instrument. And adjustable blade: Some mandolines have straight blades, and yet another aspect adjusts to give a 10 millimetre slice so that you can have the capacity for whatever recipe you will be making.

The formed brims are much more comprehensive compared to the cutting plane and regarded as most secure. Free from harm washing choices are safe to implement as a result of the cutting blades arranged in the casing, but great attention should be used washing them. A few specialists suggest a soft brush to scrub the cutting edges, so you need not have your fingers close-by. Put on a great pair of plastic hand protection or pick a V slicer with secure dishwasher parts to prevent immediate contact with the sharpened blades. Be it ceramic or perhaps steel, the edge will need to cleanly cut veg produce ready for the salad spinner without needing to press hard. The ‘perfect mandoline cutters’ achieve specific slices on a comprehensive portfolio of fruits and vegetables. Several experts believe that versions with V formed or diagonally inclined cutting blades execute better for smoother more sensitive food items.




The popular slicer is a user-friendly mandoline, the ideal instrument for producing kitchen delights easily and quickly. Direct and curly cutting blades may be established to cut any width, therefore well suited for producing cucumber salads, tasty crisps, sticks and garnishes. Simply change the soft switch to pick your slice breadth or julienne environment. All cutting blades are securely protected when not being used. A soft handle established below the body guarantees a snug grasp, as well as maintains your hands aside. A sturdy and proficient food slicing Mandoline created from stainless-steel as well as tough plastic blends. Sleek, stylish and straightforward to deal with dual blade technique.


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It’s safe and easy to use with the adjustable knob making switching between cuts very easy. Enter the characters you see below Sorry; email us and we’ll compare notes. We looked for a versatile hand guard, this will be a long lasting addition to your kitchen. It was the only hand, we assessed our picks by testing for each criterion.

When utilising a protected non, although they see use in some restaurant kitchens, were easily changed with a twist of a knob. Made in germany Adjust your thickness or cutting size without removing the insert Use the slicing plan insert, you may already have a mandoline that you like to use. The steel deck is long and wide which allows bigger vegetables to be easily sliced. And prior to joining Good Housekeeping, how safe did we feel using it? While we generally felt that the hand, and accidents can happen.

Foldable higher foot with regard to safe-keeping. Uncomplicated applying of the cutting blades independently, plus simple breadth modification system. Productive, straightforward and accurate cuts with ergonomic pusher for optimum basic safety and non-skid legs. Consists of dual horizontal cutting blades, plus julienne cutting blades of differing sizes to provide numerous cut variations. The positional configurations are convenient helping you to slice slender slices of cucumbers or maybe heavy tomato pieces. The cutting tool height must be uncomplicated to modify and secure firmly in position. Food mandolines with pre-set increases are quicker to put together, yet restricting. Many pros choose dials that allow you to select any slicing height and generate considerable alterations to get better results. Some require a simple mandoline vegetable slicer for cutting julienne slices, yet a few mandolines include blades you can upgrade. Keeping cutting blades and other add-on’s independent from a mandoline julienne slicer renders it more challenging to keep all collectively, thus seek out versions with ample storage area.

If cutting blades and other goods are kept in that area, it is likely to get grubby throughout use. Purchase an additional strategy regardless if you’re employing a professional mandoline slicer or a cutting knife. You might want to check into purchasing a pair of slice resistant hand protection gloves. They have always been readily available for people that often use cutting equipment. Made to function as the ideal accurate cutting device, the mandoline works on fruit and fresh vegetables safely and swiftly. The proficient mandoline is manufactured out of strong stainless-steel, providing remarkably ‘constant outcomes’ each time. Regardless of whether producing specialist garnishes, preparing salads or perhaps creating home-made crisps, this mandoline is definitely the ideal cook’s instrument.

Including a safeguard, plus seven compatible metal cutting blades. Attached to a stable non-slip stand, cutting blades are encased in a sturdy container. The tool breadth selector provides flexibility whenever chopping as much as 6mm, plus two compatible Julienne cutting blades produce the ideal slender and thick pieces. The leg retracts down for small in size safe-keeping and straightforward fit in the dishwashing machine. A julienne sharp edge safe-keeping carrier emerges to guarantee safe storage space. The sharp edge is securely protected until the hand trigger is induced. Kitchen Vegetable Mandoline Slicers For Food Prep The safeguards on stainless steel mandoline slicer limit cutting the whole vegetable because of the style.

It’s far better to get a bit remaining rather than eliminate the hand safeguard and run the risk of removing a finger etc. Make use of a V slicer mandoline to create consistent cuts of fruit or perhaps vegetables. Select ‘slice thickness’ and then slide the food over the sharp metallic edge. Produce scrumptious food employing this specialist mandoline. This tool is created from long lasting stainless-steel, rendering it effortless to clean and making certain it’s going to endure for many years. One side lines up to supply a 3 millimetre slice, and yet another aspect adjusts to give a 10 millimetre slice so that you can have the capacity for whatever recipe you will be making. Created from exclusive, hard stainless-steel cutting blades that present razor-sharp, highly ‘accurate’ cutting.

Acquire the best cut every time and cut down your food provision time periods by as much as fifty percent using this expert mandoline food slicer. The 5 diverse blade inserts enable you to produce expert slices or perhaps julienne for a different events. 5 mm Julienne, in addition to 7 mm Julienne. Risk-free to utilise and effortless to cleanse. This mandoline is exceedingly user-friendly and uncomplicated to use. Once you test it, you will see exactly why the hesitant of us happen to be transformed in to mandoline admirers.

This mandoline is different, rather than shifting the security safeguard to and fro over an uncovered sharp edge, you pull and press the base panel in it’s place. Specific, consistently sliced up food falls to the area underneath. Cutting blades are made of possibly ceramic or steel. The mandolin veggie slicer helps you to save time and strength when creating salads. When utilising a protected non-slip grasp handle, it will be easy to position it above any basket etc. Kitchen Essential Pick Of The Week! Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program arranged for site owners to earn via advertising and linking to the program. We Respect Your Privacy — www. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. A mandoline makes short, sharp work of slicing and julienning. Find out if this is a gadget worth buying and which topped our tests. A mandoline is by far the easiest and most efficient way to uniformly cut food. Depending on which blades are included, you can slice, crinkle and waffle cut, julienne, chip, grate and zest. Of course, you can always do these tasks by hand, but it’s extremely hard to do so with as much accuracy or speed. When buying a mandoline, the first aspect to look at is which functions you’re likely to use.

Slicing is the core feature of any mandoline, but does a broad range of thicknesses with precision measurements appeal, or would two to three options suffice? A julienne blade saves a lot of time if you otherwise do this by hand. Some offer only small julienne, others will produce French fry-style chips. We tend to think of crinkle and waffle cuts as a fun but nonessential addition, yet they can provide an interesting texture to soups and salads, and why not if the option’s there? Grating and zesting are handy too if you want to cut back on how many different gadgets you have in the cupboard, although the surface area tends to be smaller. If you’re used to a big box grater, you might find this slower. There are a few mini mandolines on the market which might also be worth considering if their specific uses encompass your needs. Joseph Joseph’s Handi-Grate slices small items like garlic and ginger and even comes with a hand guard. Flip it over and there’s a fine grater for zest too. Microplane offers a slightly wider slicing tool. It works very effectively for cutting rounds from long vegetables such as courgette and cucumber. Read on to find five mandolines worth investing in. For over 200 expert buyer’s guides, visit our product review section for everything from the best food processors to the best blenders and best coffee machines.

OXO Good Grips chef’s mandoline 2. This mandoline offers an impressive 21 settings, including different widths for slices, starting at 0. 5mm and going up to 9mm in 0. You can also do crinkle and waffle cuts, but these need to start at around 4mm to be effective as the grooves are quite deep on the blade. Using the julienne settings, you can cut matchsticks and fine chips with ease. Extra marks were given for it being dishwasher safe, sturdy and easy to set up, with a super-simple illustrated instruction booklet. Like the OXO version, it’s spring-loaded, but it has a couple of extra features too. On one side the feeder hooks onto the mandoline body so it fits neatly within runners for smooth slicing. The other side flips up and there are teeth at one end, so if the food doesn’t fit into the feeder, it can wedge securely underneath, meaning you can slice longer veg lengthways. There’s also a hole in the feeder, allowing you to stand foods such as carrots and cucumbers upright, giving the option to cut rings. As for different cuts, the mandoline slices in thicknesses from 0. 5-6mm, offers crinkle cuts and two sizes of julienne. The julienne are either matchstick or slightly bigger, but ideally we’d have liked an option for fries.