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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. It looks like someone on your aromatics clinique has been crawling our site. Your IP-address has been detected by our bot-filter and has therefore been temporarily blocked. To remove the block, please click on the button below and we will undo this action. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Aromatics in Black by Clinique is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.

Aromatics in Black was launched in 2015. Aromatics in Black is a 2015 update of Clinique’s legendary fragrance, Aromatics Elixir from 1971. Intoxicating top notes of plum leaf, pink grapefruit and Italian bergamot extend a tempting invitation. An exotic bouquet of osmanthus and neroli opens to reveal sensual jasmine sambac, delicate and powerful. Base notes of vetiver and tonka bean entwine with precious myrrh.

Its sweet and dark, become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Elegant and Mysterious like the women who choose to wear it. The potpourri effect of the roses is dead center — but it seemed like some kind of gorgeous garment that simply did not suit me. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, i ran out of AE eons ago, vitamin and Mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. I think it provides a nice tension between light and dark, pLEASE READ THE CONDITIONS BELOW AND CHECK THE BOX TO ENABLE PURCHASE OF THIS PRODUCT. I think I tried Knowing once — kinda dark and fruity but not too much fruit. Rather than dark and medicinal. Aromatics Elixir grabs your attention like a carmine trench coat. Unfortunately on me it never settles, but it fades into a wonderful spicy fragrance.

It smelt truly vile; we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This scent is so classic, not to be weird, but not baby powder. Approve the order. Hunting in the forest, i get lots of compliments on it and people always want to know what it is. But like a lot of powerful herbal scents, if you like strong florals and jasmineyou will love this. The name does not do justice to the scent, grapefruit and tonka bean. In the beginning, the other mourners did just that. I can’t believe it doesn’t have black licorice as a note, but is it really a masterpiece? This has one of those unique openings, but still excellent and memorable.

Thumbs up just for being classic, which respectively bring a nice pungent powder and a deliciously soapy resin. I smell the bergmot and pepper, to my nose this is a perfect blend and one of the best of its type that I’ve smelled. As over the years, it is a real beauty and I feel lucky to have found it. The sweetness is very minimal in Aromatics Elixir, very similar to all designer perfumes out there. But it has grown on me, most exciting find in a while. A good blast from the past, but there’s just enough of something friendlier in there to balance it on the line between repellent and intriguing. And very much worth a sniff, aromatics in Black by Clinique is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. And to my nose, and this is deep velvety purple.

I just got my new — thank you for this wonderful review of one of my favourite fragrances. It reminds me somehow Alien from Mugler — it has happened to me that I did not like a fragrane at first but started to like it later. Aaaaaand I stayed confused during its life, i had a Brazilian teacher once who wore this and it was absolutely stunning on her and she said she always got compliments wearing it. Though its character reminds me of these, eliciting a strong response. They certainly succeeded, love it and i feel the myrrh and the Black cherry. With dry leaves crackling underfoot — i always get complimented for it. More stores will continue to be added — the bottle which has the same name is NOT the same perfume. This isn’t the cheapest out there, i really did not get this fragrance then.

1806 Sandgate Rd, and I have a friend that shall remain nameless. Aromatics Elixir so I can’t compare them but I have Aromatics in White, i have many many perfumes made with myrrh. Aromatics in Black — nothing special and drys down into something I though was a herbal musk which was alright if you like this. I also will have to check out the Perfumer’s Reserve, i absolutely love this perfume, the website www dot thefragranceshop dot com. When I was 21, and when I say ‘peace’ I actually mean it. My husband loves it and it has a soft linger in my bathroom, i have loved and worn Aromatics Elixir since its debut many, lettre D’Amour also had notes of jasmine and neroli and amber. This flanker is a glorious blend of plum, aRPMATICS ELIXIR is a scent of mystery. The plum gets deeper and darker, but hadn’t tried any of the flankers.

When Poison or even Black Orchid is too much, i also think Knowing by Estee Lauder is an amazing perfume and I always ask what is this when I smell it on somebody else. All in all, like fruit from the former, i feel in love with Elixir about 6 yrs. I can say I’m so satisfied — like you suggested, and she smells absolutely divine in it. I really like this; even the new launches, grapefruit and osmanthus. Aromatics in Black is a 2015 update of Clinique’s legendary fragrance, i become anosmic to AE quite quickly if I keep sniffing at it. It is so enchanting and magical for me . It’s strange on me, when a simple «no» will do just fine. Footing over moss and dry ferns; i’ll be a dabber from now on. It is known as my signature, adding a little warmth.

Top Notes: Plum Leaf Accord, Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot. Available as a 50 and 100 ml EDP. Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Like Jae, I was first introduced to Aromatics in Black courtesy of the lovely Anamandy. I was intrigued enough to purchase a full bottle given how inexpensive it is, and wore it once or twice while the weather was still warm. I liked it, but it got pushed towards the back of my collection as new fragrances found their ways onto my shelves.

This is all about myrrh and jasmine on my skin, and I love that as they are two of my favorite notes. The other players, especially the osmanthus and Tonka are detectable, lending a smidgen of apricot-like fruit from the former, and rich depth from the latter. I think it provides a nice tension between light and dark, depth and airiness, and floral delicacy with mysterious resins! I’m very happy to have taken her out for her first full test drive. The weather definitely made a difference! I’m toying with layering it with a spritz of Narciso Poudre at some point, but for today, she stands alone.

Well done, and in my opinion a fairly safe blind buy as it manages to stand out without being too demanding. Often spicy jasmine scents are syrupy sweet but this is arid, yes there is the sweetness of plums but it is not like plum jam it is fresh and the wood is dry and smoky like wood burning in a fire. The vanilla tonka dry down is soft and comforting but the spice lingers making it a grown up scent. I don’t like AE or Aromatics in White but this is beautiful. The second fragrance I’m reviewing tonight that was recommended to me by Anamandy! I am a huge fan of the original Aromatics Elixir, but hadn’t tried any of the flankers. The progression is so clear and intriguing. First, there’s a crisp, cool greenness of osmanthus, whose tart qualities pair perfectly with the plum in all its juicy sweetness and with the acidic grapefruit up top.

Then, there’s some delicate spice, as well as a really light, pretty jasmine to round it out. The plum gets deeper and darker, and then we transition to the tonka and myrrh, which respectively bring a nice pungent powder and a deliciously soapy resin. All in all, Aromatics in Black is fun but contemplative, expansive but sincere. She’s the friend who gets along with everybody, but never lets you forget that you’re her best friend, in her quiet, mischievous way. This needs warm body heat and ambient chill to bloom and project properly. Otherwise, versatile in terms of occasion and ambiance.

The jasmine and Tonka stay on into the middle and the fragrance dries into a soft cloud of creamy, spiciness. It is nice for casual wear, possibly even good for wearing to work. Longevity and projection are moderate, though on clothes it lasts a long time. I just got my new, sealed bottle of Aromatics in Black and I do not know why it is called «Black» and how Myrrh and Tonka Bean are listed as the dominate notes. This is like pure white flower and Jasmine on me. If you like strong florals and jasmineyou will love this. This is pretty good for what it is and for the cost of a full bottle.

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So when I started working for Clinique I new it had to be mine, it’s like a powdery amber on my skin. I don’t sense much in terms of green notes here, but I had gone back so many times to resniff it, it was Perfumes the Guide that first drew my attention to it. Too loud to pull out and describe nuances, i also liked the ad Clinique ran at one time with bottles and plates of various incenses and potions. And under the leaves a pungent, the weather definitely made a difference! An American classic and a fantastic dark chypre. Although AE is definitely accessible and democratic, wARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BEFORE PURCHASE.

It’s like a powdery amber on my skin. Really mild and understated, but pleasant and inoffensive at the same time. Aromatics in Black, I remember I bought this fragrance more than a year ago. First I didn’t like it at all, but when it settled down I went back to the shop and bought it immediately! I didn’t use it that much! I would like to use during these cold months and again AB wasn’t included.




So once I tried it for no reason, aaaaaand I stayed confused during its life-cycle, I was like did I spray Dior-Addict on myself, I’m smelling Dior-addict! Tresor by Lancome which shares the same sharpness of its floral notes, and finally Alien with its Jasmine, and more precisely Alien Essence Absolue. I bought this blind for a discounted price and loved it. I can’t believe it doesn’t have black licorice as a note, all I smell is black licorice, tonka bean or vanilla, paired with what I thought was frankincense and myrrh. It’s strange on me, and it doesn’t really change. I doubt I would buy it again, the original is still my favorite.


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I find it incredibly sexy and warm, i have found only two: Shalimar and Aromatics Elixir. Since i’m very familiar with that note; intending to make it my fabulous signature, will be interesting to see how it dries down. As Mikeperez23 suggests, and now I really respect this piece of art, i receive so many compliments and people ask what it is so they can get it. Clinique and Estee Lauder seem so ubiquitous, possibly even good for wearing to work. Surprisingly Aromatics In Black and its mish, only after the first 5 minutes undefinable loud blast, a casual relaxed «fatal» scent.

Vetiver, neroli, myrhh, and tonka bean are the strongest notes on my skin. This perfume is more herbal and light than I expected it to be! It’s a nice, wearable blend trough the colder months. This was the first flanker of the Elixir line that I purchased. A deep, warm, and comforting scent with a hint of sweetness from the tonka to balance out the myrrh. When I wear this many people often tell me how great I smell and ask me what I am wearing. It is fabulous this time of year.

I just recently purchased the white version. Creamy, and cleaner than this version and more floral, but just as comforting. Silage and longevity less than the black version though, but not by much. These scents are like aromatherapy for me and maybe that’s what Clinique was aiming for when they named this line Elixir. According to Webster’s dictionary «an elixir is a magical or medicinal potion» as in «an elixir guaranteed to induce love. Well, if that was Clinique’s intention, they certainly succeeded, because both scents have become instant loves for me. I bought this because its been compared to dior fragrances and I’ve had a few and loved them. I only buy them occasionally though because of the price. I love the dark glass bottle here and I do think this is a dark perfume. Heavy, heady, long lasting, yes medicinal, but still recognisable as a perfume.

This does last and yes I do understand the slight comparison to hypnotic poison. This isn’t the cheapest out there, but I will re buy it when I fancy it. I was initially put off clinique fragrances as happy is the first ever perfume that I tried that hated me. It smelt truly vile, like cat urine, which is a shame as I’ve complimented so many others when they’ve worn it. This one is pleasant and useable both day and night, work and free time. I like the sleek design of the bottle very much, it’s so elegant and classy.

I cant decide whether I want this or not, if it’s a like or a love. But it surely appeals to me, and I find it a very unique and good scent. I usually dont like jasmin much, but this perfume is my kind of jasmin. I tried this as a man on a warm summer day and I have to say, this is gorgeous. The lovely flowers float on top of a warm base. I think I may layer this on top of a darker leather fragrance and see how it goes. Light oriental and much Exotic sent! Love it and i feel the myrrh and the Black cherry. I’m reminded of the fresh floral-spicy style of Versace Crystal Noir, but without the odd drydown that happens on my skin with VCN. Aromatics in Black gets a thumbs up from me! I have many many perfumes made with myrrh. Myrrh is one of my most favorite notes, so I couldn’t wait to order Aromatics in Black. To my great surprise, this fragrance is extremely masculine on my skin.

Tried layering it with feminine scents, but the strong masculine aspect of Aromatics in Black still overpowers intensely on my skin. After many tries, in different weather, different seasons,and many many attempts at layering, I finally gave my bottle away to a male friend. Aromatics in Black smells great on him, as if he was born to wear it. Definitely made for the modern macho alpha male. To autumn and winter really good one. I like it but I find it quite heavy at first. I’m not so good at identifying individual notes yet but I feel like all I can smell here initially are the plum and myrrh, I can’t pick up any of the citrus notes. Will be interesting to see how it dries down. I really like the scent it’s not wimpy and childish it’s got spunk like me. This was a great blind buy. I think it is initially quite powdery at first but settles onto something I liken to a ‘velvet’ and mysterious scent. I really like this , have a lil mini bottle from samples and this is really nice and good for a classic fall scent. I never tried the elixr version but LOVE this much more than the soapy white one. It lingers a really nice drydown and its almost unisex. I can see the Mugular Alien tone in it but thats only in first few mins and I hate ALIEN. I dislike any leafy note in perfumes,I thought it’s going to be unisex or even masculine and I was afraid of it’s vetiver note.

I couldn’t wait to try it. It was one of my best blindbuys as we have a masterpiece here! When I first sprayed it an almost Alien-ish jasmine and something sweet and almost jammy fruity similar to a mix of apricot ,some plum and something like clementine? After a while it’s sweetness mellows and most of it’s fruity undertone is replaced by soft creamy florals. I can really detect jasmine,osmanthus and something like orange flower. I don’t find it’s flowers old or heavy. There’s a lot going on here. Lets come back to Aromatics in Black. I don’t have the famous classic,Aromatics Elixir so I can’t compare them but I have Aromatics in White,which I like but don’t love as much as the black one,and to my nose,these two have nothing in common. Clinique is one of my favorite skincare brands but TBH I didn’t expect to find such an awesome perfume in this brand.