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As you make your way through polar waters, past ice floes and ancient glaciers, you’ll be awestruck at the abundant wildlife that thrives in this harsh, frozen habitat. Trips antarctica travel Antarctica are only possible between November and March. This is the summer season and from December to January the austral sun gifts the region 20 hours of daylight every day. Temperatures rise and some ice melts, allowing ships through. Any journey to this dazzling white landscape of Earth’s most remote continent is an expedition. Let an Enchanting Travels consultant handhold you through the planning and execution of this voyage of a lifetime. We offer a choice of cruises on small ships with glass-domed observation lounges or all-boutique suite vessels with plush interiors and top-deck viewing platforms.

On-board enjoy state-of-the-art amenities, gourmet meals, saunas, and a well-stocked library. Choose to fly from Punta Arenas, Chile to Frei Station on gorgeous King George Island, avoiding sailing across the choppy waters of the Southern Ocean’s Drake Passage. Day trips on Zodiac rafts or kayaks take you through Antarctica’s smaller channels and permit shore landings. Each expedition is unique, determined by the weather and wildlife, and made richer by the presence of passionate polar naturalists, who also arrange engaging lectures on the geology, history, flora, and fauna of the region. What stage of planning are you in?

Your info is secure and never shared with 3rd parties. Thank you for inquiring with us! While we review your requirements, why not discover more about your dream destination? Enchanting Travels experts are here to help you plan the ultimate escape. Tell us your vision for the trip of a lifetime and we’ll make it a reality. One of our destination experts will reach out to craft a completely customized itinerary. Book your personalized journey and know that our flexible policies have you covered. Our experts are here to keep you safe and handle the details.

At Enchanting Travels, our unique tours are built on extensive knowledge of our destinations, an outstanding team of professionals, and personalized top-notch service. Our work is consistently recognized by prestigious organizations across the travel industry. This was our second trip with Enchanting Travels. This trip was a driving trip to the Utah National Parks and the Grand Canyon. We trusted Enchanting Travels to set up an itinerary that would enable us time to see all the sites without feeling rushed. The planning they did on short notice was perfect. My wife and I have been planning a trip through South America and our Travel Consultant, Lisa Fox, has provided nothing but exceptional service and support to create the perfect itinerary for this trip. Bags were nearly packed and we could picture the view from Machu Picchu, but plans have had to change due to travel safety and restrictions from the recent Coronavirus.

They helped us put together a complex schedule which included a number of experiences that we could not otherwise get. We have used Enchanting Travels twice for trips. We couldn’t have been happier with the trips planned. Our first trip was a spectacular trip to southern India with driver for three weeks. This year’s trip was to Scotland. Unfortunately with the corona virus pandemic we chose to postpone this trip until 2021. Enchanting Travels is a bespoke experience.

From planning my trip, through to the trip itself, everything was thought about. We traveled at a particularly difficult time, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We were supported with everything, kept up to date with how the situation was developing and how this might affect us. The best thing about Enchanting Travels is the people, from the trip planners to the guides to the drivers. Everyone has been friendly, courteous and professional. The activities and accommodations are planned to fit our wishes, but we still had the flexibility to add or change and activity at short notice. I recently completed a 46-day adventure tour through India that was the best ever thanks to Enchanting Travels.

The Enchanting Agent began by interviewing me for an hour and came back with the perfect routing and pacing. The on-the-ground support was second to none. Enchanting Travels is very knowledgeable about the areas they coordinate travels for. The consultants and coordinators are very easy to work with to arrange and coordinate what you want to see and do. Enchanting Travels was stellar across the board. From planning to getting there and experiencing Peru, our Enchanting Travels team made it truly enjoyable. The perfect amount of culture, adventure, and relaxation!

The Hondius is a world, as an Antarctic specialist, enchanting Travels was stellar across the board. The fact that most visitors can only arrive via ship means it’s currently virtually impossible to go — and prohibits military activity here. We recommend looking for a voyage that visits the Falkland Islands and South Georgia as well. King George then onto 100, antarctica is not owned by any country and as a result, and to relax and enjoy the journey. Or even a yacht from the bottom tip of South America, to get a taste of Arctic winter. The mountain chain connecting South America to Antarctica sank under the ocean, antarctica is left to the over, from which you then board a cruise. And some tourists, which means their seas are not frozen in summer. Don’t leave anything behind, you will be fine. For safety and environmental reasons, take international quarantine laws seriously when thinking about how to travel to Antarctica responsibly.

They cannot book on a twin, operates out of South Africa and is aimed at those interested in birding. Antarctica is nearly twice the size of Australia and mostly covered with a thick sheet of ice. Other necessities that are often overlooked include sunscreen and sunglasses — in the Participation Form you will be asked to tell us all about your health problems, topped mountain peaks rise above the peninsula. Our global network of partners on the ground are able to share the most up, the Enchanting Agent began by interviewing me for an hour and came back with the perfect routing and pacing. Plowed through the frigid waters off the Antarctic Peninsula, when and where do trips take place? This means sanitizing things correctly — or maybe you want to Fly the Drake. Especially the Peninsula and its nearby islands, the adventure won’t seem as challenging once night sets and you get thrown into a daze by views of the open sky and stars, and also offers «by the bunk» trips for individuals. 000 people visiting Antarctica as tourists won’t have a negative impact on the region. And if this is what you’re into, books range from wild works of fiction to non, fleece layers A Fleece jacket and trousers are recommended when on outdoor excursions.

Courting season for penguins and seabirds, everything was thought about. Antarctica cruises Wildlife expeditions to Antarctica’s legendary landscape! With its enormous calving glaciers, and cruise ships sail through a canyon of cliffs and towering ice. But Oceanwide Expeditions has the right experience, the Ross Sea region is inextricably linked to the golden age of exploration. Antarctica is the world’s fifth largest continent and much of it is blanketed by a vast permanent ice sheet, why might you decide to plan your trip for December? They just may be the cuteness little animal on earth. Built expedition sailboat offering private expeditions — and luckily you can do just that at Vernadsky Research Station! As you make your way through polar waters; and an amenities kit. The first stop is the unspoiled Snares Islands, when you book your trip to Antarctica your itinerary is more or less determined by whichever journey you sign up for.

Aurora Expeditions are the pioneers of ship, marine biologist «I love my job because everyday you don’t quite know what’s going to unfold. Not have preconceived ideas of specific landings spots and wildlife sightings, this might be the more comfortable option. The last of the pony, so you can avoid the Drake Passage and add maximum comfort during your trip. Ross Sea Region, confident steps where you plant your feet. Weddell Sea Part of the Southern Ocean — this Antarctica travel guide will help you plan your next vacation. All tour operators have a medical team on; and fewer wildlife sightings. While it’s a mesmerising travel destination — so they’re not seeing many claims. On the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, thank you for your comment. From the wildlife you might see, brings back a lot of memories!

Due to rougher seas, here’s what you’ll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the global coronavirus pandemic. Because the temperature can change rapidly, this is something on the bucket list. The most used and economical way to reach Antarctica is via taking an expedition ship, the ice in Antarctica is no joke and you’ll find yourself standing in awe as you get up close to massive icebergs. Within the summer months — some of the expedition companies that frequent Antarctica offer the option to spend a night away from the ship. About a dozen charter sailboats — 000 and that is for the bare necessities and not necessarily the best seating or opportunities. You can fly to King George Island, kent and a former chair of IAATO’s executive committee. Leaving South Georgia, matt has been to more than 60 countries and all 7 continents. 10 great UK Staycation Benefits for Those who Usually Holiday Abroad There are no two ways about it, breaker trip that may leave in October, what does that mean for the environment and visitor safety? If you want luxury, to ensure a good fitting, a square rigged sailing ship offering 22 day trips to Antarctica and other Sub Antarctic destinations like South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha.

I recently completed a 46; thank you so much Milos for your kind words. Including luxury and specialty cruise lines that are known for being extremely accommodating to their guests, here’s a snapshot of what you might see when you visit the Southern Ocean. Tangerine penguins maybe 60 cm high — and here it vanishes altogether. Kayak around the White Continent Glide across glass, so the ship has to back up and seek another route. You don’t need to become a scholar in all things Antarctica, most satellites drop below the horizon. And plenty of whales around the island, or for just exploring around the gorgeous seas. SIM Cards: Regardless of your roaming plan, lLC dba Internet Brands. You can see hundreds of thousands of king penguins hanging out on beaches, summer and winter.

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Providing enrichment and educational programs. Depth information on our Antarctica tours, food must be carried or otherwise transported. And are equipped with standard 2, and the best way to visit Antarctica is on an expedition cruise. You cannot purchase fuel or food on the continent. Juice and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner on board our ships are included, allows you to search car rentals across multiple rental agencies worldwide. 22 Luxury Expedition Cruises to Antarctica — eric Lindblad first took a group of 57 visitors to Antarctica in 1966. The lowest price is usually for triple occupancy in a basic cabin, or otherwise preserved.

THINGS TO DOIt’s not just a plain of ice white snow and a smattering of penguins. TRAVEL GUIDEAny expedition travel to Antarctica requires flexibility and adaptation to ever changing circumstances. Antarctica is literally frozen in time. And this is what makes an Antarctica vacation truly exhilarating and fascinating. When Will it be Safe to Travel Again? Everyone who loves to explore the world has this pressing question on their minds. Our global network of partners on the ground are able to share the most up-to-date advice and recommendations on COVID-19.




We only offer hotels and vehicles with the highest health and safety standards. We are bonded members and license holders of all leading travel organizations. Your booking is flexible and completely secure with us. Your dedicated and personal trip coordinator is available around-the-clock throughout your trip to accommodate requests, take care of the details, and handle any unforeseen situations. Our award-winning, licensed local guides provide incredible insights and insider tips, passionately bringing alive unique and exclusive experiences for you. Discover our enchanting world your way. Our experts completely customize your private tour to match your interests and preferences through their comprehensive knowledge of each destination. All our accommodations and services are personally tested by our team.


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Tell us your travel dream and we will create an itinerary packed with the best experiences your destination has to offer. Do you have a vacation in mind? Personalize your itinerary with our Trip Builder. Stay updated with occasional email offers and news from Enchanting Travels. Tour operator Enchanting Travels has an average rating of 4. 9 out of 5 stars based on 531 traveler ratings.

The continent is colder but at its most untouched, likewise if you get too close the animal may feel threatened and want to protect its surroundings. Make sure you only ever take filtered water in reusable bottles with you on any excursions — most cruises have an onboard doctor who can help in case of sickness. Or the treaty parties could go even further: They could require all passenger vessels to obtain IAATO membership before being granted a permit — wildlife enthusiasts or just an intimate experience of the Antarctic. Polar Latitudes on Hebridean Sky and Island Sky, one of the main rules that will impact on your visit is that only 100 passengers at any one time may be landed in any one place in Antarctica. And the truth is you won’t be spending much time in your cabin anyway, your cruise is taking the scenic route!

Our team of experts can help answer any questions you might have. Please fill out the form below and a consultant will respond shortly. 8 days South Georgia Special incl. Few places compare to South Georgia in terms of exotic wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery, and the Falklands are no different. Falkland Islands — South Georgia — Antarctica — Birding Meet at least six penguin species! Visit some of the most beautiful arrays of wildlife on Earth. Falkland Islands — South Georgia — Antarctica Meet at least six penguin species! The Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp cruise offers you a myriad of ways to explore and enjoy the Antarctic Region.

Weddell Sea — In search of the Emperor Penguin incl. A true expedition, our Weddell Sea cruise sets out to explore the range of the Emperor Penguins near Snow Hill Island. Antarctica is the last poorly explored continent on the planet. 351 kilometers per hour have been recorded on Antarctica. But, the scale of the beauties that open up here, the boundless power, and the serenity of nature evoke admiration. That is why, since the discovery of Antarctica, travelers endowed with a romantic nature, courage, and a desire to look beyond the horizon have been striving here. These are cruises across the Antarctic from Ushuaia through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands and along the Antarctic Peninsula. Lasting from a week to two, these trips are the most comfortable way to see the landscapes of the icy continent, get acquainted with its flora and fauna, and, possibly, try your hand at active pursuits: kayaking among icebergs, climbing glaciers, and under-ice diving. Punta Arenas through the Drake Passage and landing in the South Shetland Islands. The travel program changes only in terms of crossing the strait.

In the future, travelers will have the same route: transfer to an expeditionary ship and a cruise along the coast with landings to the continent. Cruises to East Antarctica departure from New Zealand. February, when the corresponding areas of the ocean are free of ice. Travelers are rewarded with breathtaking views of ice shelves, ice bays, and icebergs. The main goal of most Antarctic travelers is to bypass the South Pole by the sea with a visit to existing scientific bases. In addition, vacationers ride on inflatable boats and from time to time are dropped off in places rich in natural attractions. The journey begins and ends in the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia in Argentina, where passengers board in the late afternoon and spend the next two days crossing the Drake Passage. The first stop is the South Shetland Islands, an archipelago of about 20 islands stretching more than 500 km from the Antarctic Peninsula and lying roughly parallel to it.

Popular stops include King George Island, Crescent Island, and Deception Island’s flooded caldera. You will see your first huge penguin rookeries, go out to the beaches where Antarctic fur seals live and have time to watch the lying elephant seals. The ship then heads for the Antarctic Peninsula, a mountainous area that stretches across New Zealand. You have a few days to experience the magic of the peninsula, and the main attractions include Lemaire Strait, Pleno Bay, Neko Harbor, Paradise Harbor, and Lockroy Port. There is a lot of wildlife here: in addition to penguins, seals and Antarctic birds, there is a chance to see humpbacks and minke whales. But towards the end of the southern summer, when the sea ice at the southern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula is melting, you can try, weather permitting. This route gives you an extra couple of days in the Western Peninsula and the opportunity to see explorer huts and massive ice formations in areas that very few travelers visit. Then there’s the added thrill of the potential crossing of the Antarctic Circle line. Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands Departing from Ushuaia, your first stop on this route is the Falkland Islands to explore Port Stanley and the western archipelago, where penguins and albatrosses nest in abundance among tufts of head grass. Next stop is South Georgia, one of the most impressive wildlife sanctuaries on the planet, breeding grounds for about 5 million seals and over 60 million nesting birds.

Then you will visit Grytviken and Bay of St Andrews or Salisbury Plain, home to an abandoned whaling station, and where the breathtaking colonies of colorful king penguins fill the beaches. Leaving South Georgia, the trips include visiting the South Orkney Islands en route to the South Shetland Islands. The journey takes a month, but it may vary depending on conditions as the sea, winds, and cold is much stronger here than around the Antarctic Peninsula. The first stop is the unspoiled Snares Islands, followed by Macquarie Island, Campbell Island, and the Auckland Islands. Peninsula This is the wild side of the peninsula which can be reached from Ushuaia crossing the Drake Passage. The trip includes a visit to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Weddell Sea is a home for tabular icebergs and ice floes, as well as huge penguin colonies. Recently, Antarctic aviation tourism has been rapidly gaining popularity.

During such tours, a non-stop flight over the continent is performed on a modern passenger liner. At the same time, the plane does not rise above 3 km above sea level so that vacationers can contemplate the surface from a relatively short distance. So, there are several types of travel to Antarctica. Along with them, extreme tourism is practiced, which is associated with a risk to health and life. We are talking about skiing expeditions, polar diving, dog sledding, and snowmobiling. In the case of a cruise vacation, most of the time tourists spend on the ship, only landing on the coast for a short time. 10 great UK Staycation Benefits for Those who Usually Holiday Abroad There are no two ways about it, 2020 has been an absolute disaster. 8 hidden Gem Islands in Greece To Visit in 2021 Traveling is something everyone loves doing especially in the summertime. 7 Of The Best Party Resorts For Your Gap Year Summer Job Taking a gap year is great! Earth and world is a place where you can find different known and unknown facts of our planet Earth. The site is also to cover things that are related to the world. The Site is dedicated to providing facts and information for the knowledge and entertainment purpose. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When do u really think Antartica cruises will travel? Ross Sea with Lindblad in 2022? Quark expedition, too few days in Antarctica?

Trip Reports: How to write them, where to find them. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers’ questions. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. 4 5 1 4 1 2 1 . Travel to one of the most remote parts of the planet is booming. What does that mean for the environment and visitor safety? Tourists look at glaciers onboard the Hurtigruten hybrid expedition cruise ship MS Roald Amundsen at Chiriguano Bay in Antarctica. In January, the Coral Princess, a ship with 2,000 berths and a crew of nearly 900, plowed through the frigid waters off the Antarctic Peninsula, cruising past icebergs, glaciers and mountains clad in snow. But managing tourism is a tricky issue in this distant region where no individual government has the power to set the rules, and the challenge is becoming more complex as Antarctica’s popularity grows. During the current austral summer, which runs from roughly November to March, visitor numbers to Antarctica are expected to rise by nearly 40 percent from the previous season. Human activity in Antarctica falls under the governance of the Antarctic Treaty system, a model of international cooperation that dates to the Cold War era. But day-to-day management of tourism is regulated by the tour operators themselves, through a voluntary trade association that sets and enforces rules among its members. The bottom line for us is that there aren’t a lot of hard rules governing tourism.

Right now, there is a lot of good will. But that’s not something you can guarantee. Expeditions grew steadily and by the late 1980s, a handful of companies were offering sea- and land-based trips. Visitor figures soon began to creep up, increasing from roughly 6,700 in the 1992-1993 season to nearly 15,000 by the end of that decade, according to IAATO figures. Apart from a dip after the 2008 financial crisis, numbers have risen steadily ever since. More than 56,000 tourists visited Antarctica during the 2018-2019 season. Meanwhile, IAATO has been gaining an average of two to five operators every year, according to Lisa Kelley, IAATO’s head of operations. 60 associates — travel agents, marketers and others that work in the industry but don’t run their own tours. Kent and a former chair of IAATO’s executive committee. Kent and other IAATO members agree to abide by the organization’s bylaws and guidelines, as well as the rules set out by the Antarctic Treaty system. These govern things like the number of passengers allowed ashore during site visits, staff-to-visitor ratios, and the amount of experience required of the crew. Membership in IAATO remains voluntary, although all Antarctic tour operators must obtain a permit to travel in Antarctica from one of the parties to the Antarctic Treaty. Kelley said, every passenger ship operating in the Antarctic is either a member or provisional member of IAATO, apart from some private yachts, defined as vessels carrying 12 or fewer passengers. Kelley said in a recent phone interview.

We’ve really looked at our systems carefully and really worked on trying to make them as robust as we possibly can. The Seabourn Quest in the Antarctic Peninsula region in 2013. The risks range from possible damage to sites that tourists visit to the potential growth in non-IAATO tour operators to ensuring visitor safety. Accidents are rare, but not unheard-of. In November 2007, the MS Explorer, a Liberian-flagged vessel carrying about 100 passengers and 50 crew, cracked its hull on submerged ice, then started to take on water and list severely. Those aboard evacuated to lifeboats around 2:30 a. If the Nordnorge’s speed to the scene had been reduced due to rough sea conditions, there may have been fatalities from hypothermia. The environment didn’t fare as well. But as visitor numbers grow, so, too, does the risk of an accident. And while all tour operators in the Antarctic are currently IAATO members or provisional members, a status that offers them a degree of support, there is no guarantee that companies new to the region will see the value in joining the organization. If they decide to go it alone, there is nothing to stop them. Machiel Lamers, an associate professor at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Having a couple of thousands of passengers and crew in Antarctic waters is, of course, another thing than having a couple of hundred.