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The term of this Lease is an annual lease commencing on _____________________________ and ending at 12 o’clock midnight on __________________________. On the first day of each calendar month during the Lease Term, Tenant will pay to Landlord the Base Rent, plus applicable sales or use tax thereon, in equal monthly installments, in lawful money of the United Air commercial lease form, in advance and without offset, deduction prior notice or demand. Rent» includes both Base Rent and Additional Rent. After the end of each fiscal year during the Term, Landlord will deliver to Tenant a statement setting forth, in reasonable detail, the Total Operating Costs paid or incurred by Landlord during the preceding fiscal year. Tenant will pay all Real Property Taxes allocable to the Occupancy Period. If Landlord receives a refund of any Real Property Taxes which Tenant has paid, Landlord will refund the same to Tenant after deducting therefrom all related costs and expenses. SECTION 2:  DEFINITION OF REAL PROPERTY TAXES.

Premises or any Rent or other sums payable by any tenants or occupants thereof. Tenant will pay directly all taxes charged against trade fixtures, furnishings, equipment, inventory or any other personal property belonging to Tenant. Tenant will use its best efforts to have personal property taxed separately from the Premises. Such insurance will name Landlord, any mortgagee, and such other parties as Landlord may designate, as additional insureds. Tenant employed or performing services at the Premises, in order to provide the statutory benefits required by the laws of the state in which the Premises are located.

All Risk Coverage,» as well as against sprinkler damage, vandalism, and malicious mischief. During the Lease Term, Landlord will maintain in effect all risk insurance covering loss of or damage to the Premises in the amount of its replacement value with such endorsements and deductibles as Landlord determines from time to time. Landlord will have the right to obtain flood, earthquake, and such other insurance as Landlord determines from time to time or is required by any mortgagee of the Premises. Tenant will deliver to Landlord renewal certificates therefor. Tenant will provide Landlord with copies of the policies promptly upon request from time to time. X or better, as set forth in the most current issue of the Best Key Rating Guide. Premises arising at any time and from any cause. Tenant will pay to Landlord all Operating Expenses allocable to the Occupancy Period.

Tenant will use the Premises only for the Permitted Uses. If Landlord determines in good faith that a release or other environmental condition may have occurred during the Occupancy Period, at Tenant’s cost, Landlord may require an environmental audit of the Premises by a qualified environmental consultant. Tenant will, at it sole cost and expense, take all actions recommended in such audit to remediate any environmental conditions for which it is responsible under this Lease. Premises to potential buyers, investors or tenants or other parties, for routine property inspections and maintenance or for any other purpose Landlord deems reasonably necessary. Lease Term, Landlord may place customary  «For Lease» signs on the Premises. Outside Areas» means all areas within the Premises which are outside of the Building envelope, including, but not limited to, parking areas, driveways, sidewalks, access roads, landscaping, and planted areas. Tenant will have the right to use the Outside Areas for the purposes intended, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as Landlord may establish or modify from time to time. Tenant agrees to abide by all such rules and regulations and to use its best efforts to cause others who use the Outside Areas with Tenant’s express or implied permission to abide by the Rules and Regulations.

Tenant hereby accepts the Premises in their present condition, «AS IS», «WHERE IS», and «WITH ALL FAULTS», subject to all Legal Requirements. Tenant acknowledges that neither Landlord nor any agent of Landlord has made any representation as to the condition of the Premises or the suitability of the Premises for Tenant’s intended use. Tenant shall be solely responsible for same. Tenant may not make any installations, alterations, additions, or improvements or major repairs in or to the Premises without obtaining Landlord’s prior written consent. All work will be performed in accordance with plans and specifications approved in advance by Landlord. Tenant will pay when due all claims for labor and material furnished to the Premises and keep the Premises at all times free from liens for labor and materials.

Landlord may record and post notices of non-responsibility on the Premises. The failure of Tenant to do so shall be a material default hereunder. Outside Areas during the Lease Term. Upon the expiration or termination of the Lease Term, Tenant will surrender the Premises to Landlord broom clean and in the condition which Tenant is required to maintain the Premises under this Lease. Tenant will not be obligated to repair any damage which Landlord is required to repair hereunder. SECTION 6:  EXEMPTION OF LANDLORD FROM LIABILITY.

Tenant will immediately notify Landlord in writing upon the occurrence of such Casualty. Lease Term as of the date the Casualty occurred. Tenant’s use of the Premises is impaired. The provisions of this Section will govern the rights and obligations of Landlord and Tenant in the event of any damage or destruction of or to the Premises. Tenant waives the protection of any statute, code or judicial decision which grants a tenant the right to terminate a lease in the event of the damage or destruction of the leased property. Tenant will not assign or transfer this Lease or sublease the Premises or any part thereof or interest therein, or mortgage, pledge or hypothecate its leasehold interest, without Landlord’s prior written consent, which consent may be withheld in Landlord’s sole unfettered discretion. Unless Tenant is a publicly traded company, a transfer of a controlling interest in Tenant will be deemed an assignment of this Lease.

Tenant Affiliate after the assignment or sublease will have a comparable net worth to Tenant. Notwithstanding any assignment or subletting, Tenant will at all times remain fully responsible and primarily liable for the payment of Rent and compliance with all of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease. Consent to one transfer will not be deemed a consent to any subsequent transfer or a waiver of the obligation to obtain consent on subsequent occasions. Tenant’s performance of each of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease is a condition as well as a covenant. Tenant’s right to continue in possession of the Premises is conditioned upon such performance. Time is of the essence in the performance by Tenant of all covenants and conditions. Terminate the Lease Term by written notice to Tenant. Tenant will then immediately quit and surrender the Premises to Landlord, but Tenant will remain liable as hereinafter provided.

If the Premises or any part thereof are re-let in combination with other space, then proper apportionment on a square foot area basis will be made of the rent received from such re-letting and of the expenses of re-letting. Maintain Tenant’s right to possession, in which case this Lease will continue in effect whether or not Tenant has abandoned the Premises. In such event, Landlord will be entitled to enforce all of Landlord’s rights and remedies under this Lease, including the right to recover the Rent as it becomes due. Pursue any other remedy now or hereafter available to Landlord under the laws or judicial decisions of the state in which the Premises is located. On any termination, Landlord’s damages will include all costs and fees, including reasonable attorneys» fees that Landlord incurs in connection with any bankruptcy court or other court proceeding with respect to the Lease, the obtaining of relief from any stay in bankruptcy restraining any action to evict Tenant, or the pursuing of any action with respect to Landlord’s right to possession of the Premises. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, any and all rights and remedies which Landlord may have under this Lease and at law and equity are cumulative and will not be deemed inconsistent with each other, and any two or more of all such rights and remedies may be exercised at the same time to the greatest extent permitted by law. This Lease shall be automatically subordinated to any Mortgage encumbering the Premises. If Landlord’s interest in the Premises is acquired by any ground lessor, beneficiary, mortgagee, or purchaser at a foreclosure sale, Tenant will attorn to the transferee of or successor to Landlord’s interest in the Premises and recognize such transferee or successor as successor Landlord under this Lease.

Such financial statements may be delivered to Landlord’s mortgagees and lenders and prospective mortgagees, lenders and purchasers. Tenant on paying the Rent and performing its obligations hereunder will peacefully and quietly have, hold and enjoy the Premises throughout the Lease Term without any manner of hindrance from Landlord, subject however to all the terms and provisions hereof. The obligations of this Lease run with the land, and this Lease will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns. No owner of the Premises will be liable under this Lease except for breaches of Landlord’s obligations occurring while it is owner of the Premises. Landlord, except to the extent arising out of Tenant’s negligence or willful misconduct or breach of this Lease. This indemnity does not cover claims arising from the presence or release of Hazardous Materials. Tenant will give written notice of any failure by Landlord to perform any of its obligations under this Lease to Landlord and to any ground lessor, mortgagee or beneficiary under any Mortgage encumbering the Premises whose name and address have been furnished to Tenant. Base Rent then in effect and Tenant’s obligation to pay Additional Rent will continue.

Landlord owns which is on the same block as the Building. Tenant will pay Landlord its reasonable fees and expenses incurred in connection with any act by Tenant which requires Landlord’s consent or approval under this Lease. Additional Rent under this Lease and will be payable to Landlord immediately on demand. The captions of this Lease are not a part of the terms or provisions of this Lease. Whenever required by the context of this Lease, the singular includes the plural and the plural includes the singular. The masculine, feminine and neuter genders each include the other.

This Lease is the only agreement between the parties pertaining to the lease of the Premises. All amendments to this Lease must be in writing and signed by all parties. Any other attempted amendment will be void. All notices, requests and other communications required or permitted under this Lease will be in writing and personally delivered or sent by a national overnight delivery service which maintains delivery records. Notices will be delivered to Tenant’s Notice Address or to Landlord’s Notice Address, as appropriate. Either party may change its notice address upon written notice to the other party. All waivers will be in writing and signed by the waiving party. Landlord’s failure to enforce any provision of this Lease or its acceptance of Rent is not a waiver and will not prevent Landlord from enforcing that provision or any other provision of this Lease in the future.

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No statement on a payment check from Tenant or in a letter accompanying a payment check will be binding on Landlord. Tenant is specifically prohibited from recording this Lease, a memorandum of lease, or any other instrument referencing or describing this Lease. This Lease will bind any party who legally acquires any rights or interest in this Lease from Landlord or Tenant, provided that Landlord will have no obligation to Tenant’s successor unless the rights or interests of Tenant’s successor are acquired in accordance with the terms of this Lease. The laws of the state in which the Premises is located govern this Lease. This Lease may be executed in counterparts and, when all counterpart documents are executed, the counterparts will constitute a single binding instrument. Landlord’s delivery of this Lease to Tenant is not be deemed to be an offer to lease and will not be binding upon either party until executed and delivered by both parties. SECTION 15:  SURVIVAL  All representations and warranties of Landlord and Tenant, Tenant’s indemnity under Insurance, Section 4, the provisions of Use of Premises, Section 2 and all obligations of Tenant to pay Additional Rent hereunder, shall survive the termination of this Lease. Upon the execution of this Lease, Tenant will deposit with Landlord the Security Deposit.




Landlord may, at its option, apply all or part of the Security Deposit to any unpaid Rent or other charges due from Tenant, cure any other defaults of Tenant, or compensate Landlord for any loss or damage which Landlord may suffer due to Tenant’s default. Landlord and Tenant each represent and warrant to the other that the Brokers are the only agents, brokers, finders or other parties with whom it has dealt who may be entitled to any commission or fee with respect to this Lease or the Premises. In any enforcement proceeding brought by either party with respect to this Lease, the non-prevailing party will pay to the prevailing party in such proceeding all costs, including reasonable attorneys» fees and court costs, incurred by such other party with respect to said proceeding and any appeals therefrom. The exhibits and riders, if any, attached hereto, are incorporated herein by reference. Pursuant to state law, Tenant is hereby notified as follows:  Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that, when it has accumulated in a building in sufficient quantities, may present health risks to persons who are exposed to it over time. Levels of radon that exceed federal and state guidelines have been found in buildings worldwide. Additional information regarding radon and radon testing may be obtained from your county health unit. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly affixed their signatures.


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6 contract program with AIR’s commercial real estate contract forms. As the standard of the commercial real estate industry since 1960, AIR’s commercial contracts encompass documents which are continually refined and updated by a team of veteran brokers, real estate attorneys, property managers and other commercial real estate professionals. 58 custom commercial forms currently in the AIR library. 9805 and talk to a real estate solutions specialist. About AIR Commercial Real Estate Association The nation’s largest organization of its kind, AIR is a non-profit corporation formed in l960 for the purpose of fostering knowledge, integrity and efficiency in the field of industrial and commercial real estate brokerage. More than 1750 real estate professionals in over 400 firms located in the eight-county Southern California area, representing approximately 95 percent of the brokerage community, actively participate in AIR. CDX, its Internet-based system that provides access to multiple sources of property data on every building in a given market, considered the ultimate source for offering complete facilities for cooperative marketing of industrial and office properties. Logix a subsidiary of Real Estate Business Services, Inc.

The AIR Standard Form leases for commercial leasing are common. While there are advantages to using the lease for both parties, there are also risk that the parties should be prepared to address. This multi-series blog will focus on areas of the AIR Form lease of which tenants should be warry. The Parties: As simple as it may sound, its common place in a commerical lease to have the parties identified as the landlord and the tenant not be the correct persons or entities. Surprisingly, the landlord may also be misidentified. In order to have a valid lease, a tenant must have a signed lease with the party that actually owns the property.

As well as any other duties — sign your documents online. As agreed by both parties, iOS and Android. Join us for a deep dive into property management fundamentals at this one, log in to your registered account. No waiver of any condition or covenant in this Agreement by either party shall be deemed to imply or constitute a further waiver of the same or any other condition or covenant of this Agreement. As a practical matter, did you know that for zero dollars and zero cents, the form is the official document behind signing up a lease contract.

An attorney can review title to the property to confirm the correct parties are listed. The variations in determining the rent increase range from set, pre-negotiated increases each year, flat percentage increases, CPI increases, or CPI with a maximum and a minimum for each year. Again, understanding when these periods apply, the timing relative to commencing operations in the space and how they affect increase calculations are important to the financial viability of a business. Retaining an attorney to review the lease, whether you are a landlord or a tenant will assist you in understanding your obligations and rights, assist in negotiating better legal terms for your lease and may ultimately provide you with greater protections than exist in the standard lease. Ariel Bedell is an experienced attorney at The Loftin Firm. For questions relating to any other California real estate, corporate governance, land use, or estate planning matter, contact Ms. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced San Diego County lawyer regarding your matter, please contact us online. Free Commercial Lease Agreement Use our Commercial Lease Agreement to rent business property to a tenant. A Commercial Lease Agreement is a rental agreement used to rent out a business property.

Completing a Commercial Lease Agreement form gives the tenant the legal right to use the property to operate any kind of business in exchange for an agreed-upon rent payment. What is a Commercial Lease Agreement? Who Should Use a Commercial Lease? When is a Commercial Lease Agreement Needed? A Commercial Lease Agreement is a formal document between a landlord and a tenant to rent business property. If the tenant plans to operate a business on the landlord’s premises, this agreement allows both parties to formalize the lease and their relationship through a legally recognized document. If the property being leased is part of a larger building, the landlord can address special concerns and duties about common areas such as parking spaces or lobby areas. Check your city or state laws regarding whether smoking is prohibited within a certain distance of any doorway. Of note, smoking bans are becoming the norm — all bars and restaurants in the 60 most populated cities in the U.

The demised premises is the actual rented space within the real property. For example, a shopping mall has lots of different stores and common spaces within the building and common spaces like parking and walkways located outside the building. It is the same scenario for an office building. The 4 Types of Commercial Lease Agreements In general, there are three main categories of Commercial Lease Agreements based on how base rent and operating expenses are paid by the tenant. Full Service or Gross Lease In a full service or gross lease, the rental rate includes all operating expenses. Any operating expenses or real estate taxes are already factored into the base rent. However, the landlord can expressly reserve the right to pass down any future increases in operating expenses to the tenant.

In a net lease, none of the operating expenses are included in the rental rate. CAM generally also includes common area utilities and operating expenses as well. Modified Gross Lease A modified gross lease is a hybrid between a gross lease and a net lease. In a modified gross lease, the operating expenses are negotiated and shared between the landlord and the tenant. Usually, the tenant is responsible for the base rent and CAM, and the landlord is responsible for the property taxes and property insurance. Percentage Lease In a percentage lease, the tenant pays the base rent on the property as well as a monthly percentage of the gross revenue from the business operating the rented space. This type of lease is usually used for retail businesses. In addition to traditional businesses, leases can also be used for private land.

In Montana, nearly a one-third of the state’s private land is leased to hunting outfitters. If you’re a small business owner needing office space or the owner of a building wanting to rent out units in your building, this document is needed to memorialize everyone’s obligations and clarify expectations. A residential lease agreement may need to follow consumer protection laws that put caps on how much landlords may charge for security deposits or protect tenants’ basic rights to hot water and heating or air conditioning. In contrast, state laws governing business leases often do not impose such minimum or maximum requirements on landlords. Should the landlord or tenant pay for these modifications? Accordingly, tenants and landlords should carefully negotiate the terms of this agreement to ensure each party is properly protected and obligations are clearly spelled out. Be sure to record all decisions like who is responsible for repairs in writing since courts have a more difficult time enforcing verbal agreements. The square footage of the Demised Premises shall be determined by measuring from the outside of all exterior walls to the centerline of any demising walls.

Landlord’s architect or building contractor may measure the Demised Premises to make a final determination of the size. Landlord reserves to itself the use of the roof, exterior walls, and the area above and below the Demised Premises, together with the right to install, maintain, use, repair, and replace pipes, ducts, conduits, wires and structural elements leading through the Demised Premises and which serve either the Demised Premises or other parts of the building or complex. Landlord grants to Tenant the non-exclusive right to use, in common with all other tenants or occupants of the Real Property, the Common Area of the Real Property. Real Property, which are not leased or held for lease to tenants. This Agreement and the Demised Premises does NOT include the use by Tenant of any Common Areas of the Real Property. Tenant accepts and understands that parking privileges granted are not personal to the Tenant and such parking privileges may be assigned or sublet. Tenant accepts and understands that parking privileges granted are personal to the Tenant and such parking privileges may not be assigned or sublet. Daily basis for the use of such parking privileges.

Weekly basis for the use of such parking privileges. Monthly basis for the use of such parking privileges. Other: __________ basis for the use of such parking privileges. Tenant will NOT pay Landlord a fee for the use of such parking privileges. This Agreement and the Demised Premises does NOT include the use of any storage facilities on the Real Property. Landlord agrees that during the term of this agreement, Tenant has the right to store personal property in the __________ at their own risk. Landlord will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of items stored by the Tenant. Daily basis for the use of such facilities. Weekly basis for the use of such facilities. Monthly basis for the use of such facilities. Other: __________ basis for the use of such facilities. Tenant will NOT pay Landlord for the use of such facilities.

Landlord agrees to lease to Tenant and Tenant agrees to lease from Landlord, the Demised Premises according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This Lease may NOT be renewed. Termination Date by providing notice as described in subsection B herein. All of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply during each renewal term. The option to renew this lease pursuant to subsection A above shall be exercised by providing written notice given to Landlord not less than __________ days prior to the Termination Date. If written notice is not given in the manner provided herein within the time specified, this option shall lapse and expire. Base Rent is due no later than the __________ day of the payment period. NOT included in the Base Rent.